Heroes 5 Mapmaking Question: Meteors on lava terrain

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Heroes 5 Mapmaking Question: Meteors on lava terrain

Postby mctronic » Feb 11 2017, 13:33


I'm currently making a new map which involves the Inferno faction. As you may imagine, there is a lot of lava terrain. Upon testing the map I've noticed there is a lot of meteors landing on that specific terrain (similar to birds on grass terrain) which considerably slows down the performance of the CPU. I've tried disabling the "Eyecandies" option which effectively disable this but it also disables all the other handmade eyecandies. Is there another way to disable the meteors landing without affecting the other eyecandies ?

Please let me know and thanks in advance.

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Re: Heroes 5 Mapmaking Question: Meteors on lava terrain

Postby markkur » Feb 11 2017, 16:28

I've never investigated much in this area but I did successfully switch a slow Hero-speed for my Modded hero to the normal-speed by selecting the line in a typical default hero-file.

I recommend, either Saving the Map as TEST. Then w/ Editor-open, look at the object in MapView=Object. Then when you see the shared-line 'click on that line" and it will open a deeper folder. Inside are all the relevant files and Animations is among them. What those may be called in anyone's guess but you could do a "trial and error" till you find it.

OR an ALT-route - make a tiny map and place one of the objects in question on the map and follow the above.

Anyway, good luck.

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