MAPDBT - H3_HoTA: Surrea - the Shift (Sent for testing by Echo)

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MAPDBT - H3_HoTA: Surrea - the Shift (Sent for testing by Echo)

Postby Kalah » Oct 26 2016, 18:40

Found another map in my inbox, submitted some time ago; apologies for the delay, we'll use this new place to distribute it rather than wait for a maps page.

Downloadable here.

Code: Select all

Map Name:      [Surrea: The Shift (SURREA)]
Author:        [Echo]
E-mail Address:[varieth(a)]
Version:       [0.9]

Map Type:      [Multiplayer][0 Humans Only, 8 Humans Or Computer, 0 Computer Only]
Map Size:      [Giant, with Underground]
Game Version:  [HOMM3 HotA]
Language:      [English]

Special Win:   [NONE]
Special Loss:  [NONE]
Special Other: [NONE]

Description:   [Multiplayer map, up to 8 players, DD banned, fly/TP must
be obtained in specific places, eight factions to choose from]

Additional Info: [There are some unique areas in the map so exploration
is a good idea. The map is easy for a more seasoned players when AIs
aren't allied, even on 200% difficulty, as it's generally meant as a
multiplayer. Experienced solo players might want to ally some/all AIs in
the editor to their preference. You may also mark chosen player towns as
neutral to reduce the number of players]
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