MAPDBT - H3_HoTA: Surrea - the Shift (Sent for testing by Echo)

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MAPDBT - H3_HoTA: Surrea - the Shift (Sent for testing by Echo)

Postby Kalah » Oct 26 2016, 18:40

Found another map in my inbox, submitted some time ago; apologies for the delay, we'll use this new place to distribute it rather than wait for a maps page.


Map Name: Surrea: The Shift (SURREA)
Author: Echo
E-mail Address:varieth(a)

Map Type: Multiplayer - 0 Humans Only, 8 Humans Or Computer, 0 Computer Only
Map Size: XXL
Game Version: HOMM3 HotA
Language: English

Special Win: NONE
Special Loss: NONE
Description: 1-8-players, no DD, TP must be found.

Multiplayer map, up to 8 players, DD banned, fly/TP must be obtained in specific places, eight factions to choose from

A vision of power to be had put an end to relative peace. Now each country begins an arms race to be the first to lay their hands on the untold riches lurking in the mysterious Shift.

Loosely based on the world from the novel New Amazing Nightmare.

Additional Info: There are some unique areas in the map so exploration
is a good idea. The map is easy for a more seasoned players when AIs
aren't allied, even on 200% difficulty, as it's generally meant as a
multiplayer. Experienced solo players might want to ally some/all AIs in
the editor to their preference. You may also mark chosen player towns as
neutral to reduce the number of players

Downloadable here.
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