HommV ToE, Does anyone know how to replace a minimap

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HommV ToE, Does anyone know how to replace a minimap

Postby Magelord » Aug 21 2015, 17:47


Hey Gamers!

WOO-HOO! I have a map ready to upload today for testing with screenshots, readme file and everything. When I created it as a Random Map within the Map generator feature of HommV ToE with which to start as a baseline for my map, it had a minimap which is no longer accurate after a months worth of development. Castles have moved, roads redirected to control the computer player and whole landscapes redone and polished into an entirely different creature all together. One problem though when loading the map within the game it still loads the old minimap which is no longer correct!

Any ideas how to replace the old with the new?

EDIT: Just to be clear the new version of the map loads fine in the game. The Old Minimap only shows up when you highlight the map as you scroll through map options to play in the main game interface.

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