2015 New map - Descent to Malkuth

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2015 New map - Descent to Malkuth

Postby Fawahar » Feb 14 2015, 14:46

Descent to Malkuth is an adventure map for Heroes 3 Shadow of Death with the size of L and two levels. Your task there is to conquer the Necropolis city of Malkuth where Evil Liches are plotting to destroy the Seed of Life. You have nine months to do so. Meanwhile the Stronghold, Dungeon, Castle, Fortress, Tower and Rampart are clasped in battle for dominion and resources, wasting time in their stupid fights, while the Evil Liches are preparing the ritual of suffocation. You can choose one of these starting factions. The best way is to play with a friend of two. The map is created in English language and I hope the version of Shadow of Death that I used for editing (which is Bulgarian translated) won't mess with the biographies of the heroes and other in-game text. If any issue occurs, please contact me at Niaroto@mail.bg

You can download the map from here.

Regards, Fawahar.

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