Sander's Folly Custom Map Help (H3)

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Sander's Folly Custom Map Help (H3)

Postby Baz85 » Jan 6 2015, 21:50

Has anyone played Sander's Folly custom map (H3)? At a certain point (very early on), our hero is asked to deliver a message to the kings army at the bridge. The army is ambushed and destroyed. You are encouraged to move forward by the narrative. If you do so, you find your dead friend, and the undead surround you. If you flee the fight, it seems the game is over. If you fight and lose, the same end befalls you. If you don't walk forward, there is nothing for you to do. I am stuck. Is there something I am missing?

I can send someone my save file if that helps. I've heard so much praise for this map, and would love to get past this small hiccup.

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Star King
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Postby Star King » Jan 8 2015, 0:22

You are supposed to flee and recruit him from the tavern of your town.

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Postby Amehmet » Jan 8 2015, 15:38

Yes, note that the map actually has no "lose hero" loss condition, so you can flee as much as you like. Technically, it's impossible to get the loss screen.

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Re: Sander's Folly Custom Map Help (H3)

Postby Namerutan » Jan 27 2015, 20:52

If you flee the fight, it seems the game is over.
You are encouraged to retreat. Next you need to recruit again the same hero in your castle (that's why there is a tavern built).

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