How to block Potions of Immortality in H4?

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How to block Potions of Immortality in H4?

Postby Duzeom_ » Aug 16 2013, 10:11

Hello map makers!

I decided to make my campaign a little bit more challenging but potion of immortality ruins everything. Because of that every human hero can be immortal and the maps a less fun. I disabled this artifact in options, but it only blocked it in on map treasures. The artifact is still available to buy in the towns' blacksmith. It is a bug or you have the same? Maybe you have some advice how to block this potion?

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Postby Karmakeld » Aug 19 2013, 7:21

From what I've learned in my own tests, you can't prevent the pre-set potions from each town type, no matter which potions you disable. It will only affect backpacks, blacksmiths ect.
I would suggest a placed event in front of each town, simply checking for Potions of Immortality, and then keep taking it from the army, as long as it still has any. Just inform players about this. If player still buys it or chooses to overhear your 'warning' they'd be punished by the Waste of Money spend on dissapearing potions. Alternatively you could make a placed event that checks for the PoI and causes player to lose., instead of making a script that would have to check for like 100 PoI and keep taking them.
Third option is to simply block all town blacksmits, but then you'd have to make sure this doesn't prevent the Building of certain structures you'd want to be available.
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