Custom Multiplayer Map - questions and balance issues

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Custom Multiplayer Map - questions and balance issues

Postby Ylli96 » Mar 2 2013, 14:57

Hello everyone, I'm new here, so maybe I should introduce myself... but I don't think it's a right place for such activity.

Recently, I started working on a XS-sized multiplayer map, designed mostly for me and my boyfriend. None of us is an experienced player and because of that we'd like to avoid playing ranked games. Also, we don't always have time for a full-time play (like, with conquering the mines, building and upgrading the town, and so on) and LAN-emulating software (like Hamachi) doesn't always work for both players. Because of that, I designed a corridor-like map for two players.
It's almost done. All I need to do is to write some scripts (if possible) and give each hero an army.

Here comes my question: is it possible to feature scripts on multiplayer map? If yes, then which ones should I use to trigger the following:
- When a hero enters a specified area on the map, teleport the second hero to this area and trigger a battle between them
- Display a message boxes at the beginning of the game (for each player). This one is for the sake of creating a background story for the map.

Also, I'd highly appreciate if somebody could suggest me what units, spells and abilities should each hero have to avoid the balance issues... ah, and how to add random heroes on the map (this is general map-making question).


PS. Sorry for any grammar/vocabulary/spelling issues, English isn't my native language.

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Postby Lord of the Guns » Mar 3 2013, 6:36

Just finished all four LotA books. lots of 'twists'! but there are some questions Marzhin.
1. So if Ebora is indeed speak the truth (Actions which Succubi never seems to be known of, addressed by Malustar himself). Is there any NWC literature stating that "Creators" as known by Kreegans, are indeed "Elemental Lords" as the Ancients 'vassal races' called them.
2. Does it explains why players encountered Gogs and Effreete in the ranks of Fire Lords in MM8 but not amongs the Kreegans in MM6 and MM7? (but then again, Gogs and Effreete did indeed joined Kreegans throughout the course of Heroes3). If that is the case, then in the ongoing wars between Kreegans and the Ancients. do the Elemental Lords actually favors Kreegans rather than the Ancients
3. Is there any 'official' books or Games from NWC days saying that someone wicker than the most evils of the Kreegans do exists, and it is called "The Source" or "The Void"?, the 'force' that even the strongest of the Kreegans were no match of?
Do the said 'Void' powers have their very own minions? instead of stealing or recruiting ones from someone else (Shelthem and Verhoffin wre both 'stolen' from the Ancients by the 'Source', also Kreegans trapped in the 'Tomb' by the 'trick' of Escaton later switched sides to 'The Chaos' which itself not originally worshipped by Kreegans)? so at this rate. does it makes Kreegans actually 'freedom fighters' and the Ancients 'nefarious Tyrants from afar' or what else?
4. And then again. Do Kreegans have 'different' Technological paths? As it is shown in MM7 that Kreegans DO create their spacecrafts. and understood how 'Nuclear Reaction' works (the 'Reactor' Kreegans have doesn't look anywhere 'alien'. it looks rather likes 'The Ancients' contraptions to me). yet they don't invent firearms or anything that is a counterparts to the Blasters ancients had built. they always seemed to fight with 'primitive' blade weapons. or do they really invents their 'Blasters' or any sorts of firearms that works like weapons used by many races in naval warfare too? or isn't that their way?

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Postby Engioc » Mar 30 2013, 14:04

What version of HOMM?

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