[H5] Editor problem

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[H5] Editor problem

Postby ltm3x6 » Oct 7 2010, 18:10

Hey guys

i have a question regarding the map editor

mostly i have the ins and outs of it, but one thing bothers me to no end. i cant seem to get the underground to light up... i dont know how to do it. ive tried to setup the ambient light in the map properties with no success, i tried to set objects to radiate light and that also didnt work... i have no idea what to do next :(

if any1 can give me some input i would be very grateful.

edit: ok i found out what i needed to do, ti wat the 3x3 lower terraforming "trick" :P

thx anyway...

Milos Gajic
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Also you have to adjust light

Postby Milos Gajic » Feb 18 2015, 20:50

You have to adjust AmbientLight for the underground level too, and/or you can add various sources of light of various colors.

To adjust/change ambient light go to map properties and under the checkbox labeled has underground level click to change the ambient light.

To add various sources of light you just place an object (usually crystal but any object will do) then select map properties tree and click on that object on the map. Then find 'Point Lights' in the properties tree + right click + add. Expand if necessary. You will see position ('Pos') and Color branches, expand and adjust the values to get desired effect.

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