Another Lord of War question

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Another Lord of War question

Postby dhalgren17 » Jul 11 2008, 2:00

I've been playing this map for over a week, and I still haven't figured out how to access the lower right part of the map. I have defeated all the enemies in the other sections. There is one teleporter that might do it but it's blocked for some reason. Any hints would be welcomed.

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Postby AngelEyes » Jul 11 2008, 16:34

Ahh, I have many fond memories of that map. :)

Unfortunately, it's been a long time since I've played it any my memory is a little hazy on how to access that section. Isn't that the Wizard section of the map? If so, I'm pretty sure there is a teleporter somewhere that takes you there.

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Postby Paulus1 » Jul 13 2008, 12:51

Is it the surface part or the underground part of the map, that you have trouble accessing?

*Spoiler* highlight the text below for a hint *Spoiler*

If it's the surface part, sailing is your friend.
If it's the underground part, look for a two way portal in a corner of the map.

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