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Which factor is most important to winning a multiplayer game?

Battle awareness
AI awareness
Map awareness
Creature choice
Total votes: 33

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Postby wimfrits » Nov 7 2007, 18:16

Jolly Joker wrote:In this situation everything depends on training and experience

Yes. For the most part: training and experience in the factors identified in this poll. Other factors like knowing the skill wheel by heart, or knowing creature stats are not big enough to have a position of their own.

You could put up 'the ability to play fast without making errors' as a seperate item; which would be an expanded version of 'speed'. But a line has to be drawn somewhere and here it is drawn at a different level.

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Postby Humakt » Nov 7 2007, 21:47

I have to agree with JJ. These options don't make much sense, especially speed since it is practically sum of different parts.

More practical term would be Logistics, which would include hero chains, taking advantage of movement modifiers and careful planning of routes. And it doesn't include being good at combat at all. For all purposes, the player could be master of logistics but he still could appear slower than other player if his battle skills are slow and can't get past crucial stacks.

The way you've put this polls options it leaves only two sensible choices and frankly speed is too large element here that consists of too much compared to others (Creature choices? Come on.) and even overlaps.
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Postby PhoenixReborn » Nov 7 2007, 21:54

Do people play with timed turns? That's new to me.

In all my heroes v online matches, I haven't used timed turns.

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Postby pepak » Nov 8 2007, 5:50

PhoenixReborn wrote:Do people play with timed turns? That's new to me.

I don't: If I wanted to play an action game, I would start up Unreal Tournament or Warcraft III.

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Postby csarmi » Feb 2 2009, 10:02

pepak wrote:
ThunderTitan wrote:But how much faster?! Remember that you can only build once a day... that puts a cap on how many extra resources you'll need.

Well, let me cite an example. I was playing Heart of Winter against another player. That player was progressing in the normal fashion, building his towns, buying creatures and so on. I played for high (not top - that is too dangerous in multiplayer) speed. My speed advantage manifested when I entered his territory in the third week of the game, with five GM Combat barbarians.

This brings Map/AI Awareness into my mind. On that very same map the players are separated with black dragons and a hero who cuts through magic resist and powerful spells. I figured out how to break it day 8 (it should be impossible) and I did so. Automatic GG :-)

(then I messaged the author of the map to change it and he did)

BTW I killed the guardians wuith two level 9 barbarians and 18 centaur or so. The centaurs attacked the separating stack one-by-one draining the mana of the chaos caster (he cast lightning on them all the time). Once it was down to zero, I rushed in with my barbs. :-)

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Postby Yurian Stonebow » Feb 4 2009, 20:06

Voted Speed.

Always nice, always handy. The ability to rush your enemies is one of the defining factors in free for all.

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Postby ByteBandit » Feb 8 2009, 10:55

Other than speed, I would have to say knowing what your opponent has and what you have are the next important part. Other than that, everything else is just secondary. :D

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