Mutare's Apprentice 1.3 thread (H3:SoD) reviewers needed

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Mutare's Apprentice 1.3 thread (H3:SoD) reviewers needed

Postby Yurian Stonebow » May 25 2006, 15:21

Greetings everybody,

As instructed by Angelspit, I now turn to you fellow Heroes III fan(atics) in a search for reviewer(s) for my recently released Shadow of Death map Mutare's Apprentice. The map has been updated to version 1.3 and I'd like to know what people really think about it. After over 1,000 downloads at CH and over 500 at MapHaven it seems to me that the map enjoys some popularity. :)

Please contact me for more information about reviewing the map. I'm also happy to give all you players tips and suggest overall tactics for the map. I do this in hopes to improve the gaming experience. Hopefully my other maps will be of the same quality as Mutare's Apprentice.


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