How to mod Heroes IV

The old Heroes games developed by New World Computing. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.
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How to mod Heroes IV

Unread postby d1bg12 » 04 Jul 2022, 19:01

Hey everyone and thank you for the great community.
I love Heroes IV! It's one of my favorite games from my childhood.
Now, when I'm older, I revisited the game and I found it very interesting, but there are few things that I would like to add/change and as I saw there are many mods available and I'm happy that many players already know perfectly well how to modify the game files. Unfortunately , I'm not one of them so I want to ask you for help.

I want to :
1.Modify creature's damage and price
2.Add/replace creatures as available in the towns.
3.Add an entirely new spell (dimension door) .

Can you help me with my quest to modify the game :D ??
I already installed "H4ResourceEditor" and "TextEdit" , but I'm not really sure how to use them and do I need an additional software for my mod?
I have some programming experience, but I never tried to mod a game.

Thank you for your time !

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Re: How to mod Heroes IV

Unread postby iLiVeInAbOx05 » 14 Feb 2023, 15:33

Hey there sorry for the slow reply. For 1) it's probably be possible to do editing the tables files, but it's not something I've really looked closely at.

2) Requires editing of the exe.
3) Definitely requires editing of the exe.

There have been some major advancements in H4 modding though, so if you're up for trying to do some reversing (and probably learning about it first), there are a few folks that have been working on that.

Do you have programming experience with C/C++? C++ is what is being used for the API to patch the exe with changes.

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