Heroes 4 Ultimate Mod - some comments and observations

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Heroes 4 Ultimate Mod - some comments and observations

Postby cjleeagain » Jul 13 2021, 22:44

Heroes 4 Ultimate has been released by Nimostar! He has a paypal account link on his page; do support him if you like his mod!

You can find the list of changes for H4 Ultimate over here: https://www.moddb.com/mods/heroes-iv-ul ... ll-release
H4 Ultimate comments:
There are an enormous number of changes and I'll discuss only some of them below:

1) Nimostar made Summon Leprechuan a level 2 spell, and increased their HP. Leprechuans also get Block now, to increase their longevity.
leprechuan HP is normally unnecessary because these are terrible units. Their main role is supporting spellcaster, for Fortune, and for shielding your archers.

2) Summon Mantis changed to Summon Gargantuan.
Nimostar commented that combat role of Mantis is similar to Phoenix. That's never how I play it! For me, Mantis is always a tactical unit, intended to protect my own ranged and casters, because it can pin down the enemy and keep the enemy from moving.
Phoenix is just for aggression/ might. I rarely use the Phoenix because they have no tactical usage and might flame my own side if I stand them in front of my troops.

3) Death now has a new top level spell, Immortal Coil aka Potion of Immortality.
Is Nimostar kidding? Death is not already the strongest faction in H4? (I wonder how it works against Hand of Death, given that Immortal Coil can only protect once but Hand of Death can kill several units.)

4) Plague damage is now doubled.
Is Nimostar bad at playing death or something? Plague has always been bad enough when besieging castles using death faction. And with so many flyers in Death faction, it just makes Death even stronger against castles.

5) Dead Fire.
Fireball that targets only the living. Wow, Nimostar really thinks Death is underpowered.

6) Implosion is now a Death level 3 spell.
7) Vampires and Ghosts lose ability to fly.
I don't get the logic of this. In every single fantasy and horror trope, these are flying creatures. I can understand Nimostar would need to do this if he's greatly strengthening Death spells, but a walking Vampire or Ghost is odd. But since Nimostar changed that to Teleport, aren't they still basically flying?

8) Mass Aging.
Death is even more overpowered now.

9) Infinite Mana
Really do not like this new Order faction spell. It gives you more mana.

9) Mass Precision replaced with Experimental Shock, some kind of lightning spell.
Order is my favorite faction. I won't play a game where Mass Precision has been removed. Obviously Nimostar wants to make Order faction less ranged based.

10) Mass Exile (Mass Banish)
This is one spell that I've fantasized about in the past.

11) Life now has Day of Judgement (Mass Disintegration against enemies)
I find this very interesting, but overpowered. Because you can then target a bunch of enemy heroes at the same time, and prevent their resurrection.

12) Mass Slow changed to Ghastly Fate, which raises poltergeists.
No mass slow for Order Faction? Now they're necromancers?

13) Army of the Damned
Raises dead from all stacks on your side.
I really don't know how Nimostar plays Death faction, but it doesn't look balanced at all.

14) This is one of only a minority of changes that I do like: Berserkers now don't do suicide charge (it's obvious from the video too).

15) Nimostar thinks Behemoth is weak, so he added to their hp and made them a giantslayer (ie extra strong against level 4s).
Apparently he always plays Thunderbirds. Now I do the same, but it's mostly for the speed and the tactical purpose (blocking).

16) Crossbowmen now shoot twice instead of no ranged penalty
This, I do agree with. Since it is true that as Nimostar says, crossbows have lower range and higher reload speed.

17) Cyclops turned into berserkers
Interesting change to gameplay.

18) Evil sorceresses turned into poisonous harpies, while also able to raise ghosts.
Because Nimo thinks they are glass cannons.

19) Genies get a lot of mana reduction, so they can no longer act as spellcasters very much.
What in the world is Nimostar doing to the Order faction?

20) Sprites lose no retaliation but gain some other spells.
I feel so much less enthusiastic when I see this.

Overall, I don't like most of the changes and won't be playing this mod. Nonetheless it is very worth playing if you are tired of H4 after two decades and like to see some serious changes in the gameplay!
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