Heroes 3 Ballista Build

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Heroes 3 Ballista Build

Postby Alure155 » Aug 22 2019, 0:42

When I get the chance, I plan on trying to play a game where I have a main hero, in the army of which a Ballista provides lots of firepower. Firstly, is it a good idea to invest in a Ballista build, or should I abandon the idea and try some other strategy?
Secondly, what sort of hero would be best for this? I'm thinking one of two variants:
A Hero that has Ballista as a specialty and learns Archery as a secondary skill ( Gurnisson, Christian, Arlach, and Pyre)
A Hero that has Archery as a specialty and learns Artillery eventually (Orrin)
Now, the description for the Ballista specialty seemed really lame at first glance, so I'm leaning towards option 2. I mean, 5% boost every 10 levels? Wew. Am I missing something and the Ballista specialty is actually decent, or am I right about it being a bad specialty?
How good would a Ballista build be in combat?
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Re: Heroes 3 Ballista Build

Postby Pol » Aug 22 2019, 8:02

Ballista with Artillery is actually decent, from early game to middle. So it means, that you need to start with it or got it, let say, within first two weeks. Works nice for Barbarians and Knights.

Because the same skill also enhance your control over Catapult, it can be crucial for any siege. Though still from early to middle. In the late game there are many other ways how to get around it.

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Re: Heroes 3 Ballista Build

Postby Pitsu » Aug 22 2019, 10:08

The problem with ballista is that it is a single unit and once craeture stacks grow, the single unit loses its relative strength. Therefore, as Pol said, it can be a major force only in small maps / rush strategy or maps specifically designed for it. Hence from the heroes mentioned in opening post Orrin could be a ballista hero early and later still support all other ranged units with his special.

The main value of ballista specialists is that hiring them gives you a "free" ballista. For some towns and in early game the ballista that comes with the hero may be more usable than the hero himself. Although as might heroes they are not exactly bad either. Gurnisson is barbarian and thus should have higher primary attack skill and higher probability to get archery than other ballista heroes. Out of these four (+Torosar, Gerwulf) he should deal the most damage with his ballista in average. Gerwulf with defense and Pyre with mobility could also perform well in game.

Never really tested how much the ballista specialty adds to its strength. If someone is up to test it, i would happily ready what the outcome is.
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Re: Heroes 3 Ballista Build

Postby Ranger762 » Dec 30 2019, 20:25

Yeah, a ballista build is definitely more of an early game thing; it's quite the unpleasant surprise when you're steamrolling everyone in the beginning of the game with your artillery and then start getting overwhelmed by stacked creatures!

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