Mighty Moos, how do they work?

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Mighty Moos, how do they work?

Postby Alure155 » Apr 29 2019, 0:46

As we all know, Mighty Gorgons of the Fortress have a special ability called "Death Stare" which, when triggered, can kill a certain amount of units in an enemy stack. The H3 Wiki says that "Every gorgon in the stack has 10% chance to cause death stare", and that the total number of units Death Stared cannot exceed 1/10 of the number of Mighty Gorgons in the stack, rounded up. I took this to mean that 10 Mighty Moos will essentially always death stare 1 creature in a stack.

I know that probabilities normally don't add up that way, but H3 usually just adds on the numbers when calculating boosts instead of doing it the "proper way". So, for instance, a Hero with Necromancy of 30% who gets the Cloak of the Undead King would get his Necro skill boosted by another 30%. With the "Proper" way, this would mean that the Hero would have a 30% of 30% boost and now have 40% Necromancy, but we all know that, with the way HoMM3 adds on percentages, the Hero would actually have 60% Necro.

I figured that it worked the same way when calculating the chance of a stack of Mighty Gorgons using Death Stare, such that 1 MG has a 10% chance to DS a stack, 2 MGs have a 20% chance to Death Stare, etc etc.

On another forum, this was essentially summarized by another user thusly:
1 Mighty Gorgon has 10 percent chance to kill with Deathstare
2 Mighty Gorgons have 20 percent chance to instant-kill
5 Mighty Gorgons have 50 percent chance to instant-kill
10 Mighty Gorgons have 100% chance to instant-kill 1 unit
11 Mighty Gorgons will instantly kill 1 unit, and have a 10% chance to kill a 2nd unit as well.
15 Mighty Gorgons will instantly kill 1 unit, and have a 50% chance of killing a 2nd unit
30 Mighty Gorgons will instantly kill 3 units.

But apparently, as said by another user on that same forum, that is wrong. So my question is: How does the Mighty Gorgon's death stare work? What's the probability of a stack of a certain amount of MGs killing a certain amount of units through Death Stare? Suppose, for instance, that I have a stack of 13 MGs. What would be the probability of DSing 1 unit, and what would be the probability of DSing 2 units, etc?

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Re: Mighty Moos, how do they work?

Postby Pol » Apr 29 2019, 7:52

Death Stare. That was discussed, mighty twenty years ago. :D

But I cannot seem to find the original calculation and explanation, which had come from Qurqirish Dragon, probably because his pages are down for some time. I noticed Death Stare summarized here and here only.
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