Homm3 - Deleting a High Score entry?

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Homm3 - Deleting a High Score entry?

Postby Nocturne » Nov 24 2018, 17:15

Hello, I wanted to view the final cutscene in Restoration of Erathia again so I reloaded the save prior to victory and got a duplicate entry on the High Score screen as if I had completed the campaign twice with the exact same score. Is it possible to somehow delete an entry on the High Score-list? I tried manually deleteing the top entry by opening the file with notepad but that didn't work as the game crashes if I try to open the High Score-list ingame. Is there another way?

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Re: Homm3 - Deleting a High Score entry?

Postby Pol » Nov 26 2018, 8:39

I think that hiscore list is loaded from registry, as it was affected by setupreg. But atm I'm missing generated .reg file to check that. Try to look under Local Machine key.

The key location depends on the version which you have, Ubisoft H3HD likely has its own.
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