H4 Renaissance: Greatest Mod V18 released [DOWNLOAD]

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H4 Renaissance: Greatest Mod V18 released [DOWNLOAD]

Postby NimoStar » Nov 29 2017, 23:43

By popular demand...



IT IS RECOMMENDED STRONGLY THAT THIS BE INSTALLED OVER A CLEAN H4 WITH NOTHING ON THE FOLDER (delete manually all files before reinstall - be careful to save your savegames and maps to other folder, you can put them back after)
Delete previous versions of Greatest Mod before this anyways.
NO FILE should be overwritten if you install properly. All the files of the mod are unique and named differently from other mods and the original game.


See more images:


v- Changed some staffs so they are one-handed (Change names too), or many are underpowered
v- But Staff of Disruption must be two-handed, or overpowered ( I don't know if it came that way or I edited it to be usable with books :V... anyways, Wards are sufficiently useless right now and always to contend wih another thing annulling them)

v- Mirror of Revenge is now Misc (allows to stack with other necklaces)

v- Ice Scales is now on Neck

v- Many building images replaced and reshuffled
v- Names in table changed accordingly

v?- Fix preserve Summoning
v- Edit creature portal
v- Choosen final arrangement
v- Now Mantis and Megadragon are max level creatures normally. Thunderbird AND Gargantuan are on Summoning Portal.

v- Edit exe and building table accordingly
v- Possibly replace some building images (Berserker besides)

v- Gave Shipwreck treasure some weak artifacts (it is the most common, yet only gave boring gold)

V- Change minotaur from Double Attack to Charge - Both are overused but second fits better (increase stats) [I wish they could have both, but only one slot is present... and chaos can already give double attack with Cat Reflexes]

v- Changed Thunder Eagle to Nature background/alignement (if kept in portal)
v-- Revised it and gargantuan's EXP, since it determines portal ocurrence-cost
v-- Revised costs
v- Genie is now Light to fit normal surroundings
vv- Genie back to Order

v- Efreet attack increased and cost decreased (To better compete with terror-inducing Nightmare), gives more XP (Nightmare too)
v- Ice Daemon gives less XP, growth increased, attack decreased by 1

vñ- Create ordered map+text scheme for creatures with spellcasting given/enchanced as per list
ñ-- Continue putting spells in table, compare with .exe

v- Somewhat increased stats of dwarves, makes them more similar to H3 level
v- Made fire elemental attack damage less random. More damage, less attack (Fire elemental is "bulk killer" against low tier units)
v- Made air elemental damage more random. Less HP (40 too much), more defense, more attack (air elemental is "elite killer" against high tier)

Creature Abilities:
v-- Magi have Random Curse (Magic Mirror would make them too close to witches, but this makes them close to Ogre Magi anyways [that have curse attack, and Mummies have Aging Attack]... maybe spell point steal? But somewhat similar to Dark Knights and Imps then...)
v-- Mythical Dragons have... who knows. Let's go with Blinding.
v- tAKE OFF "magic vulnerability" (does nothing with damage spells confirmed) from Dark Knight, uses Life Ward

v untested- Fix Guardian Angel, counts as Healing spell, costs more mana.
... Or maybe not, after all, it would be OP for the Angels (even as they are already OP...)
... Whatever, just lower base power
... damnit, base power is 1 life...
v untested- Fix Divine Intervention, make it creature-number dependent (this is done by checking "damage", "summon", or "heal" on table...now it's heal)

v- Make Armageddon a fire spell (and try to affect own heroes?)
v- Armaggeddon is now a fire spell (may still not affect own heroes)

v- See if edited one works (it does)

v- Changed some musics (all are still by Paul Romero and/or Rob King)
v- Main Manu music changed
v- Metal inferno music
v- Sea music changed
v- Necropolis music changed
v- Other minor changes


semiV- Replace volcanic terrain with Evil terrain (Skeletons + Field of Glory)

V- Now many terrains are upgraded with noticeable mix of fractal patterns, giving more life to the maps.
(cosmetic change only)

v- Replace berserker dwelling. Uses Berserk spell
vX- Switched internal and external fort-citadel-castle graphics and animations of Order and Light town.
x- Externals can't be safely Replaced (yet)

* Used new campaign editor as face reference too, new faces and updates heroes names are looked there
- Keep re-making portraits
- Put appropiate

- Creature portraits nearly all fixed
- Small creature portraits display zoom-in of faces, higher resolution
- Abolished ring backgrounds, now text descriptions and ambient backgrounds show alignement
- Ambient backgrounds changed to fit the new towns

- Improved object palettes
- More brushes

- Added some version indicators to each map on desc

*- Made "Feast of the Living" map harder
-- Not so many artifacts, make him figt for them with enemy heroes
-- Make AI stronger for both Evil and Good (free creatures, artifacts, etc.)
-- Give free XP both starting and trickle to AI heroes
-- Griffins are weak now, add other creatures or increase to massive
-- Create "lose the Tomb King, lose the game" trigger
--- Anyways, I lost dumb-attacking the main green castle to creatures only, so it's not so mind-numbingly easy at the end

*- Gave "Summoners" map an entering description and all towns Creature Portal (+AI auto-summoning of elementals at towns and Grandmaster Summoning on druid heroes)


Temporary condition: Music mod occupies the additional mod slot, nim.h4r
You may delete this to get back normal music with no ill effects
AND/OR you may use this slot for your minimod


Next small version: Some fixes, more polished outlook, improve some graphics and heroes looks and classes, descriptions update
Next BIG version: equilibris 355 artifacts and treasures will be included and improved. More map editor capabilities and community-made objects
Undefined future: Completely revamped UI

That is not all but yes most for now.

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Re: H4 Renaissance: Greatest Mod V18 released [DOWNLOAD]

Postby NimoStar » Nov 30 2017, 16:20

PS: The download currently has a mistake, "extr.h4r" is not included. Until the download is fixed (possibly this night, as upload takes several hours over my connection, if it's finished at all), that means you won't be able to play maps that use Equilibris (of any version) objects. Unless you put the equilibris 355 data file and copy it with that name on your Data folder (or use the same extr.h4r of previous Greatest Mod releases)

See more info about the mod in Heroes Community forum: http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.p ... genumber=1
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Re: H4 Renaissance: Greatest Mod V18 released [DOWNLOAD]

Postby Blake » Feb 24 2019, 7:58

this is amazing!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work mate!
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Re: H4 Renaissance: Greatest Mod V18 released [DOWNLOAD]

Postby cjleeagain » Feb 24 2019, 18:51

The love that people put into this game...

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Re: H4 Renaissance: Greatest Mod V18 released [DOWNLOAD]

Postby cjleeagain » Feb 24 2019, 18:52

If U Be Soft even put 1% as much effort as some enthusiasts, we wouldn't have disasters like H6 and H7.

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