Efreeti Flame Shield in HoMM IV

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Efreeti Flame Shield in HoMM IV

Postby Evendar » Jan 5 2015, 17:41

Has anyone found a good way to get around the Efreeti Damage shield in Heroes IV, I REALLY hate that, it will decimate my strongest heroes (even those with Grand Master Magic Resistance), and lay waste to my armies.

We all try to escape a battle without any casualties. One of my biggest headaches are the Efreeti.

I know ranged attacks do not suffer from the shield.

I will try to slow them down:
Raise Ghost
Spider Arrow

If I have Spider Arrow, I will quicksand.

Eliminate actions:
Hypnotism and have them attack each other
Song of Peace
Confusion / Cloud of Confusion
Wasp Swarm

Create Diversions with Summoned Creatures

Summon Creatures then Martyr them to allow my main creatures to take them out, while they take the damage.

I might be missing an obvious solution, but I can't find one.

I know that the following are immune to their fire shield
Fireguard Hero Class, (I never get this hero)
Dragons, (can't heal or Martyr)
Pheonix, (low health)

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Postby Taro » Jan 6 2015, 6:28

So what is your problem, you know almost all the ways to take them down without causalties. There is one more way - vampires or units with Vampiric Touch. You kill efreets first and after that revive on other units. Well, it's bad if you have to defeat only efreets.

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Postby Evendar » Jan 6 2015, 13:45

I was running The Gathering Storm campain with Dogwaddle, and the Efreeti would lay waste to him because of his damage. His damage would kill 20, but the flame shield would kill him.

I was really tired of having to use potions of immortality just to survive his attacks.

Vampires even have problems with Efreeti. I would have a stack of 500 vampires attack 40 Efreeti, and I would kill them, but their fire shield damage comes after the life drain effect.

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Postby wimfrits » Jan 6 2015, 19:25

Potion of fire resistance
Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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Postby Metathron » Jan 6 2015, 22:02

If you're talking about protecting mainly a hero (Dogwoggle in this case), then I'd go with wimfrit's advice + the point of immortality.

Otherwise, have shooters in your army to whittle them down with. I'm thinking specifically of the order faction with their halflings, titans, and also the spellcasting units. Spell combos like mass slow, mass precision, blind and then teleportation as needed will spell fast doom for pretty much any unit.
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