Favourite HoM&M3 official maps

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Favourite HoM&M3 official maps

Postby DragonFlies-Everywhere » Sep 13 2013, 23:26

Hello, I'm pretty new here (pointing the obvious, good start) I'm a big fan of HoM&M3, I play my copy of "collection" on "Wine", done every campaing and play some maps on expert or impossible, mostly "Arrogance" and "King of pain".

I'd like some advise/opinions about the coolest maps to play, mostly officials.

Personally, I like sense of desing, I don't like a map so opened it seems random, I like backtracking, teleports, and shortcuts, but with a sense. I find that mostly on small maps, where the designers don't loose themselves, but I don't like the "guerrilla" feeling and I prefer the sense of adventure and development until I reach the enemy after some time.

Sorry about the English >.<

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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Sep 25 2013, 7:28

For XL map, I like most "Back for Revenge".

Large map, would be "Islands",

For smaller maps, I'd go for "Phoenix Rising", "Golems a Plenty" or "Barbarian Breakout".

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Postby hobowu » Oct 1 2013, 8:45

free for all in H3 vanilla.

good also to edit and play a 2v6 hotseat against pc :)

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Postby Xdarkon » Oct 4 2013, 15:43

Battle of Sexes was pretty fun on WoG.

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