Heroes 3 Map BurNIng Desire Finaly Done!

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Re: Heroes 3 Map BurNIng Desire Finaly Done!

Postby MeCho » Mar 3 2016, 16:20


So after i uploaded the map to Maps 4 Heroes i noticed that some shrines and magic booster still exist even though i deleted them for the players in the dungeon then i started looking around the map and noticed that some things from ancient version are not there in my current versions most notably that there wasnt Crystal Dragon dwelling and that the Crystal Dragons guarding some artifacts,pandora box with exp ,Obelisk and was a part of taking the Fortress town was unedited meaning there would only be 1 of them placed initiatly so everything mentioned is now fixed be aware that only Enchanted Artificial Intelligence versions are updated because thats what you should play anyway and even in multiplayer this has no diffrence as none of the players will get the AI bonus

And again i wuold like to know if the map is downloaded sorry for this nuisance

GL and HF

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