Hey Kalah, Resedit doesn't exist

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Hey Kalah, Resedit doesn't exist

Postby Shyranis » Aug 24 2011, 20:36


404 Not Found

The requested URL .../resedit.rar does not exist.

Click here to return to the main page.

Just letting you know.

Resedit link is at the bottom of This page.

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Postby Pol » Aug 24 2011, 21:12

That's not pose a problem or it does?

The collection of most useful tools is here, mmarchive is slightly better - newer.
(Section Homm3 and on the left WoG Files)

Resedit itself is then available from here

Please do not link to file directly, just mentioning the page where is the link missing is enough. Linking file directly is, how to say, a bit unsecure. ;)
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Postby GreatEmerald » Aug 24 2011, 22:43

Eh, why? Hotlinking generally is not preferred because you might miss out on updates or some information about the file, or have more bandwidth because more people will see it, but I don't see how that's not secure.

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Postby solitaire345 » Aug 25 2011, 12:07

Well, resedit is useful for viewing resources from HoMM IV. At least for now I don't know tool that would open the graphic files from HoMM IV

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Postby Artas1984 » Oct 14 2011, 13:10

I think, to be clear, we are talking about ResEdit 2 - as the current version for opening LOD...
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