New H2 Map

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New H2 Map

Unread postby ByteBandit » 15 Jul 2010, 00:02

CH was recently sent a new H2 map. Since CH does not host new H2 maps through the database ... Yet ... You can find it here:

Here's a brief description of the map:

Map Name: Tutorial.MP2
Author: dudejo
E-mail Address:
Version: 0.8

Map Type: Single Player, 1 Human and 2 AI
Map Size: Small
Game Version: Heroes 2 Gold
Language: English

Special Win: Blue Vs Others
Special Loss: NONE
Special Other: NONE

Description: The Tutorial map from Heroes 2. Normally, you can only access it from the saved game. I rebuilt the map from screenshots.

Additional Info: From personal experience with the map, it was clearly designed to be played with Knight and Barbarian as there is only a crystal mine and no other resources can be added without significant modifications to the map itself.

Enjoy :D

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