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Postby Fewtger » Dec 13 2009, 11:24

Concerning H3. I was thinking on doing a 4-player-map where everyone starts out with a different element (completely, they will be given their tome + expert mastery at their school + their Orb).
Now to maximise, who benefits most from what school?

For now, I have this:
Air Magic: Stronghold or Tower
Earth Magic: Necropolis or Dungeon
Fire Magic: Inferno or Castle
Water Magic: Swamp or Rampart

Maybe just an 8-player-map with all of them (allied schools of course).
But is this a right set-up?

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Postby Mirez » Dec 13 2009, 20:33

you should just pick towns with a high level of mage guild, imo most 'low level' towns benefit most from earth magic
treants are dendrosexual 0_o

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