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Postby Caradoc » Feb 17 2006, 3:53

Well, I read my emails first thing in the morning, so a lot of times it will be the Quill Digest I see first. But Quill is fairly sporatic.

At lunch I check out CH front page and follow up on any 'important' topics in Forum. Before going to bed, I usually come back to Forum and browse around some.

Of course, when I'm desperate for a new map, I go hunting all over the web. The CH links page is a good index.

Incidentally, I recently been severely bitten by the CIV IV bug, so I have to check in there everyday to see about new mods and such.
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Postby gravyluvr » Feb 17 2006, 5:32

I have quite a few sites (HOMM-related) that I check but this is pretty much the only one that I post on anymore.

Ubi Forum
Heroes Portal
Scrowe's World of Maps
Grant Palin's HOMM World (mostly for graphics)
Genie's Lamp
Age of Heroes

But I'll go even further...

Lately, I'm checking certain Threads inside.
View Posts Since Your Last Visit page
HOMM4 Auction (obvious reasons)
Diary of Yog (again... obvious)
The rest of the Campfire (Hangman, Random Banter, etc.)
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Postby Fyl » Feb 17 2006, 5:37

only this one, spare time is of the essence ;|

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Postby [T]osHiro » Feb 18 2006, 13:16

Since I'm on a job...

1. RT
2. CH
3. Official Forum
4. Genie's Lamp
5. Age of Heroes
6. Back to CH to see anyone post the news I just wrote before me...
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Postby Pol » Feb 18 2006, 17:50

Zamoxis wrote:Strange though (for a RT moderator :p) that you only know me from other forums.

No, no. I was just surprised that you are soo active around the other forums too. :tongue:

gravyluvr wrote:WOG
Grant Palin's HOMM World (mostly for graphics)

I didn't noticed that these sites are changing frequently, anyway I like the Grant Palin's HoMM World (and enter without intro), because with exceptions of maps, here is everything, served with simplicity and nifty design.
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Panda Tar
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Re: Your Daily Routine

Postby Panda Tar » Mar 1 2006, 14:47

Angelspit wrote:Which Heroes sites/forums do you visit when you sit in front of on the computer? And in which order?

RT (which I stay longer);
Muscle & Fitness;;
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