RTO Contest XI - Quiz: Site Related - Part 2

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RTO Contest XI - Quiz: Site Related - Part 2

Postby RTO Manager » May 6 2007, 7:46

This contest, like the first, has 30 questions of variable difficulty.
- all related to the Celestial Heavens site, the Round Table forums or the Homm/MM-community in general.

Answer should be submitted as a PM to my account or by email to rto_manager@celestialheavens.com.
All answer submissions should have Contest XI in the subject line.

You have 72 hours - good luck.

1. What is “Equilibris”?
A. A Heroes IV balance mod
B. A Heroes V Light Magic spell
C. A Heroes V HoF Light Magic spell
D. A coming game title from Ubisoft

2. Who is the editor of the popular “Round Table Weekly”?
A. Gaidal Cain
B. Ethric
C. Robenhagen
D. Kalah

3. Who had the highest post count at the old Round Table?
A. Veldrynus
B. Gaidal Cain
C. Ethric
D. GhostWriter

4. Who manages the HOMM5 project ’Ghost of the Past’?
A. Radar
B. VokialBG
C. EliteKill
D. Relentless

5. Who writes the story ’Legends of the Ancients’?
A. Clément Défossé
B. Jean-Mathias Xavier
C. Maxime Ducloux
D. Julien Pirou

6. Which of the towns was cut out during the development of Heroes III: Armageddon’s Blade after massive protests of the fans?
A. Conflux
B. Forge town
C. Snake Pit
D. Arcanium

7. Who created the excellent 'Skill Wheel' for Heroes 5?
A. Infiltrator
B. Sauron
C. Maltz
D. Aurelain

8. Who wrote 'The Basics of Heroes V Scripting'?
A. Pitsu
B. Gaidal Cain
C. Thelonious
D. Vokial

9. Who draws the beautiful 'Blood Work' comics?
A. Shadow Hydra
B. Infiltrator
C. Vlaad
D. Angelspit

10. What is Angelspit's real name?
A. Thomas
B. John
C. Claude
D. Christian

11. According to Round Table users, which ’Complete Gothrak’-article is the funniest?
A. The Artificial Intelligence Playground
B. Interview with the Super-Peasant
C. Bad, Bad Multiplayer Tips
D. Christmas in Axeoth

12. Who won ’Seek, Find, Post - Season 7?
A. Veldrynus
B. Gaidal Cain
C. Wildbear
D. Corribus

13. Who wrote the Might and Magic novel ’The Dreamwright’?
A. Geary Gravel
B. Douglas Niles
C. James M. Ward
D. Jane Cooper Hong

14. Who wrote ’Serena’s Adventures With Eagle Eye’?
A. CloudRiderX
B. Rogue
C. Harukaba
D. GhostWriter

15. Who was the first person to be interviewed by the Round Table Weekly?
A. Corribus
B. Gravyluvr
C. Milla
D. Lpatenaude

16. Which of the following maps is not included in 'Psychobabble's Top 10' Picks?
A. Yamuna
B. Draconic 2
C. A Beautiful Land
D. My Brother’s Keeper

17. Who created the 'H4Util'?
A. DaMaGepy
B. Lady Tatjahna
C. Slava Salnikov
D. Olivier Soares

18. Where does Ethric live?
A. Lillehammer
B. Mo i Rana
C. Tromsø
D. Uppsala

19. Who came up with the idea for 'Gaint Mutated Whale'?
A. White Wizard
B. Tarmaskas (Panda Tar)
C. Veldrynus
D. Wildbear

20. What kind of car does Kalah drive?
A. Toyota
B. Volkswagen
C. Vauxhall
D. Mazda

21. According to Celestial Heaven’s users, what is the coolest creature ability in Heroes V?
A. Archangel’s ressurrect
B. War Dancer combo
C. Hydra Six-Headed Attack
D. Vampire Life Drain

22. Which ex-NWC'er has been helping the MM tribute project?
A. Jennifer Bullard
B. Tim Lang
C. Gus Smedstad
D. Christian Vanover

23. Which of the following HoMM heroes is named after a M&M fan's nickname?
A. Alamar
B. Solmyr
C. Sandro
D. Fafner

24. What was the name of the lead programmer for HoMM4 WoW?
A. Victor Sadauskas
B. Chris Petkau
C. Sean Rostami
D. Scott White

25. The Heroes Round Table Forum has been hosted om a number of servers over time, how many?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

26. The Equilibris team has developed a way to display numeric variable in-game. What should a map maker write to display a numeric variable?

27. In the following sound clip you can hear Jon Van Caneghem being interviewed - but who is doing the interview? Sound clip (mpeg), (wav), (mp3), (ogg).

28. Previous to WoG, there were another effort to mod H3. What was it called?

29. What is the name of the creature created by the WoG team, that is a combination of a dragon and a hydra?

30. Which CH staff member is a soon-to-be-father for the first time?

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Postby asandir » May 11 2007, 9:25

so ahhh, is there a thread for the results of this quiz?
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Postby ThunderTitan » May 11 2007, 11:25

there is, but it's invisible, and if you see it he'll shoot you and leave you in a ditch full of skelingtons
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Round Table Hero
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Postby asandir » May 14 2007, 1:32

skelingtons eh?

and thanks Robenhagen
Human madness is the howl of a child with a shattered heart.

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