New game Succubus and New Faction H7.5 Hades/ Inferno

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New game Succubus and New Faction H7.5 Hades/ Inferno

Postby cjleeagain » Dec 7 2021, 14:25

Succubus the Game and Hades the Heroes 7.5 Mod

Two related topics here in my post:

Just watched the trailer for the game Succubus

Very interesting. It's not the type of game I would ever play. I won't even devote one byte on my hard disk to hosting links to games as extreme as these. But I think it is a great inspiration for the demon faction.
I've always liked the Inferno theme, but in H3 Inferno was too expensive and always weaker than the other factions.

In H4 Inferno was messed up thanks to it being mixed with undead in the Death faction. There was never any reason to hire Devils, Venom Spawn and Cerberi if you could go the Bone Dragon-Vampire-Ghost route.

In H5 Inferno was too lacking in ranged power and dependent on fragile dogs and horses to attack.

I often got the feeling that Inferno/ Devils faction was always the glass cannon. Moreover they were too dependent on dark magic all the time.

Anyway Madmind has created a game that really looks hellish and horror-ible. It's yucks to me, but the sense of evil and generally badness (and bad-assness) is very strong.

It's extremely and nihilistically violent, which to me is what demons are like.

Even though I don't really want to touch this game (there are many horrible gore scenes including sexual mutilations), I think a demonic faction needs to be THIS evil.

Maybe we can't have Inferno in HOMM in order to make it kids friendly. But I've always felt that H6 Inferno had become too mainstream, 'not evil enough'. In H6, when they made Kiril Griffin the leader of the demons. Kiril wasn't even evil, and his campaign was about being opposed to bad Angels who had betrayed him and tried to destroy him.

That didn't come out right to me: it seemed as though Ubisoft's universe had become too confused between good and evil. Too much relativistic morality.

Demons are supposed to be bad to the core. Not decent people turned demons out of desperation or in search of righteous justice.

Then in H7 they completely left out Inferno.

I can see how Ubisoft might find the Inferno faction too evil for an audience that would include kids. But I'm thinking that maybe the way to do this would be to make the Inferno faction only playable by AI. This would also get rid of the balancing problems. You won't need to make Inferno balanced for a multiplayer game. You could just let the AI have infinite resources or creature generation capacity, so they can throw tons of mindlessly attacking demons at the human player.

Heroes 3.5WOG has also just launched a new Inferno faction mod for H7 called Hades.
Can find out more here:
It seems the Heroes 3.5 guys have the same vision of Inferno as I do. On their website they say "Demons don't use any tactics, they just charge their enemies."

It would be quite difficult to balance this faction. It would be terrifying to fight against an AI that has endless production of demons, but a human player would probably feel limited in the range of what he could do.

There are a few errors on the website.
EG Lilim are described as having unlimited retaliations, but that header is followed by text that talks about shooting at a 3x3 area. Dunno if it is meant to be two separate abilities or not.

The Ravager's enraged description is incoherent.

The Pit Lord's description says they have fire missiles, so possibly they have a ranged attack in addition to their melee? This creature is almost certainly overpowered since it has the same Life Drain capabilities as a vampire.

Anyway, if anyone is wondering, Succubus has been getting below-average ratings. It seems to be largely because of graphical glitches and because there's too much mindless violence and not much intelligent storyline...
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Re: New game Succubus and New Faction H7.5 Hades/ Inferno

Postby Pol » Dec 21 2021, 16:12

Mixing these two together, that's, well, unexpected.

Myself I'm afraid, that Ubisoft was not keen into this because of PR. Or they might have some conceptual strife, so it was moved aside.

As of Heroes 7.5 (Hades Mod), you can join their Discord or grab directly their update from ModDB. Current version is 1.17 (Upload is 20hrs old and size is 12.24gb!)
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