Sorry for being a dick a long time ago

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Sorry for being a dick a long time ago

Postby Campaigner » Jun 2 2019, 16:46

If you don’t recognize me, you’re new.
If you DO recognize me, you’re probably thinking: “Oh man! THAT guy again....”

I realized by the time I left this place that I was the disruptive force that no one liked....

Back then, I was an active nationalist and I read news from nationalistic news sites which pissed me of since the news were often negative.
I then came here, reading news and threads and because I was still angry I got triggered much easier than I should have been....I realized this also when I left.
I had to stop reading those news sites cause I couldn’t go around being angry all the time....

I’m much more harmonic today. I learned to avoid trolls and disruptive people and instead focus on positive things in life.

I apologized to Angelspit like 4 years ago and planned to do it here as well but it took some years to do.
I did it now because I was trying to find a way to run Heroes II on my iPad and Celestial Heavens came up in the results so it reminded me of what I should have done years ago....

I’m not into gaming as much as I were. I focus on training now. CrossFit for the win! :)

I saw some old timers are still here. Pitsu and Pol (who took the reigns).
You were always calm and reasonable Pitsu. Main thing I remember about you :)
Panda Tar, saw you too. Bet you always wondered why I was so angry so often.

So yeah, sorry for all the anger I brought here. Didn’t see it myself....

....It’s scary how I never saw how much of an unpleasant guy I was back then....

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Re: Sorry for being a dick a long time ago

Postby gravyluvr » Jun 7 2019, 7:22

Funny how ten years and a few beers can change a man (or a lady)
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Re: Sorry for being a dick a long time ago

Postby Pol » Jun 7 2019, 13:09

Hi, I think that's kinda the point. News are negative to piss you.

Anyway I'm glad that you find yourself a better balance in your life. Congrats! ;)
Do you feel now fully harmonized? What about your love to H3, playing HotA, campaings. etc.. ? :P
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Re: Sorry for being a dick a long time ago

Postby wimfrits » Jun 7 2019, 20:26

Oh man! ;)
Brave to bring this message. And great that you managed to turn your energy around.

I do remember your strong opinions and sometimes hard words. For what it's worth, I thought it brought some liveliness to the forum so was never much disturbed
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