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Forum Ranks

Unread postby Kalah » 18 Oct 2015, 17:46

Round Table User Ranks

1-49 Leprechaun (posted by Celestial Heavens)
50-99 Peasant (posted by Celestial Heavens)
100-149 Pixie (posted by Celestial Heavens)
150-199 Scout (posted by Celestial Heavens)
200-249 Conscript (posted by Celestial Heavens)
250-299 Assassin (found by DaemianLucifer)
300-350 Demon (found by DaemianLucifer)
351-399 War Dancer (found by DaemianLucifer)
400-449 Marksman (found by DaemianLucifer)
450-499 Blood Fury (found by DaemianLucifer)
500-549 Hunter (found by DaemianLucifer)
550-599 Swordsman (found by DaemianLucifer)
600-650 Golem (found by DaemianLucifer)
650-699 Minotaur (found by DaemianLucifer)
700-749 Spectre (found by Corribus)
750-799 Raider (found by gravyluvr)
800-849 Succubus (found by Thundertitan)
850-899 Druid (found by Corribus)
900-950 Vampire (found by Corribus)
951-999 Archmage (found by thunderTitan)
1000-1049 Genie (found by theLuckyDragon)
1050-1099 Nightmare (found by Corribus)
1100-1149 Archlich (found by Corribus)
1150-1199 Rakshasa (found by Vlad976)
1200-1249 Pit Lord (found by theLuckyDragon)
1250-1299 Wraith (found by theLuckyDragon)
1300-1349 Devil (found by Thelonious)
1350-1400 Titan (found by thundertitan)
1400-1449Archangel (found by Thelonious)
1450-1499 Dragon (found by gravyluvr)
1500-? Round Table Hero (found by Sir William S Titan)

Aside from the 32 'normal' ranks, there are a number of special ranks which only appear at certain post counts, making them harder to spot:

Round Table Number Specific Ranks:

42 Galactic Gargle Blaster (found by DaemianLucifer)
99 Super Peasant (found by DaemianLucifer)
111 Big Nose (found by DaemianLucifer)
169 Boy Scout (found by DaemianLucifer)
222 Biclops (found by DaemianLucifer)
256 Quinea Pig (found by DaemianLucifer)
314 Pi (found by DaemianLucifer)
388 Ballroom Dancer (found by Vlad976)
444 Heroic Hero (found by DaemianLucifer)
470 Designer Baby (found by DaemianLucifer)
512 Threeheaded Knight (found by DaemianLucifer)
555 Evil Eye (found by DaemianLucifer)
614 King Kong (found by DaemianLucifer)
666 Lord of the High-Slung Bottoms of Zob (found by Vlad976)
747 Jumbo Jet (found by DaemianLucifer)
777 Migrating Coconut (found by DaemianLucifer)
842 D'oh (found by theLuckyDragon)
888 Snowman (found by DaemianLucifer)
935 Santa Gremlin (found by ThunderTitan)
999 Kalah Impersonator (found by gravyluvr)
1024 1 GB RAM (found by Vlad976)
1066 Topless Naga Queen (found by thunderTitan)
1111 Ballistae Repair Man (found by Arzang)
1173 Dwarf-Eating Carrot (found by Corribus)
1234 mutated Gaint whale® (found by Mutare Drake)
1265 Dante (found by Corribus)
1337 Orcish Librarian (found by Arzang)
1362 Cyber Zombie(found by theLuckyDragon)
1424 Clown (found by ThunderTitan)
1492 Columbus (found by theLuckyDragon)
1974 Celestial Hero (found by Kalah)

Special ranks:

The "employee ranks":

Administrator - site administrators.
CH Staff - people who help out with main site stuff; news, articles etc.
Moderator - Round Table forum moderators.
Equilibris Team - Dalai, the resident Equilibris expert.

Special Member Ranks

Round Table Knight

This is a special title or rank given to members who either were integral parts of the old Round Table. In general, the Knights have contributed over time by a) a significant presence, b) quality over quantity, c) all in all being a role model, someone who contributes to the good reputation of the forums.

Round Table Mascot

A one-off title given to one of the nicest guys ever to walk the forum halls; Panda Tar is friendly, funny and an all-round good-guy that makes everyone's day a little better.

Perpetual Poster

Apart from yours truly, the member called ThunderTitan is the most active poster on the forum. Were it not for the fact that lots of his early posts were deleted as spam, his post count would probably be pushing Graham's number.

Ubisoft ranks:
Members with ranks such as "M&M Community Developer", "Heroes VII Developer" and "Heroes VII Designer" have no special powers whatsoever on our forum, but are given these titles so you can recognize them. Sometimes, they do pop by to answer questions from the fans.
In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance, In Victory: Magnanimity, In Peace: Goodwill.

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