Which other forums are you on?

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Which other forums are you on?

Postby Kalah » Nov 4 2013, 18:17

Here's a good one - like the title says, which other forums and websites do you frequent? :)
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Postby GreatEmerald » Nov 7 2013, 8:35

Right now? Well, Phoronix forums (Linux-related), OldUnreal forums (Unreal-related; I should probably switch to Epic Games forums, though, as my current project involves newer games in the series) and the forums of Expeditions: Conquistador. I also hang around in the IRC channel of UFO: Alien Invasion a lot.

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Postby Mirez » Nov 7 2013, 10:51

being an age of mythology addict I tend to spend too much time on rts-sanctuary
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Postby Lord13 » Nov 12 2013, 9:15

From sites I visit daily the rpgwatch.com , to be updated for new releases and news. As for forum, my main "home" is at Ragequit.gr, a greek pc gaming portal (great community there, good place for the greek gamers). Then varius sites for news mostly.
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Postby Angelspit » Nov 12 2013, 21:57

I'm on TrueAchievements, an Xbox achievement tracking site. Not so much for the community as for the stats and solutions, and the news coverage.
I'm on Steam and Xbox Live.

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Postby Variol » Nov 13 2013, 10:10

I've spend a fair bit of time on the Terry Pratchett website; although not as much lately. I poke my head into the Terry Brooks website a little bit. He was actually here in Halifax for the Hal-Con this weekend. It was so busy, hundreds of people could not get in!
I have been on the Kings Bounty site a bit lately, since I'm playing it again.

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Postby Bones_xa » Nov 22 2013, 19:55

Heroes Community!

Also have joined some other various ones over the years but haven't been back to them in a while. Topics such as heavy metal, psychology, social issues and anxiety, paganism.
Its harder to keep up with things there though.

I drop by here every now and then, but don't see too much stuff that interests me enough to post. But what is good about this forum and the heroes community one is that I can be away for months and come back not having missed much.

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Postby markkur » Nov 23 2013, 16:00

I visit quite a few History sites but other than here and Eternal Essence, my other favorite sites are the National Library of Scotland/Maps and Project Gutenberg.

If you like old books; Gutenberg is an awesome treasure hunt, where you can discover lots of topics. i.e. Since its almost Scrooge-time check this out. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/30368/30368-h/30368-h.htm

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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Dec 13 2013, 6:53

Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate fora.

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