Building Requirements(script81)

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Building Requirements(script81)

Postby BAD23ro » Dec 30 2007, 11:53

This is just a part from original version(3.59) and I tried to addapt for 3.58f.

- This script is for 3.59 and is a part from "Wog Balance Script";
- The main purpose to keep balance between all towns and you'll need to build all previous dwellings(level 1-6) before last unit.
- Wog Balance script will contains new stats, abilities and special abilities for almost all creatures.
- Resource Silo for Castle,Tower, Rampart, Inferno, Dungeon, Necropolis, Stronghold, Fortress, Conflux produce the main resource required for last unit.

Anyway, I could addapt for 3.58f only the part with Resource Silo, the rest of code can't be yet addapted for 3.58f

Some feature of this script that can be in future. :)

In my own script there is a difference between towns, but for stats not so big.

1. To build last dwelling requires level 1-level 6;
2. Use of all resources in the game; Level 1 requires only gold, level 2 ore or wood, level 3 ore and wood, level 4 wood, ore and main resource of that town(for instance: gems for castle), level 5 requires ore, wood, gems and other resource from a friendly town(crystal for castle because is with tower and rampart), level 6 requires ore, wood, gems, other resource from a friendly town and one from a neutral town(fortress, stronghold or conflux), level 6 requires all types of resources;
3. The Stats for all towns are new;
4. Every race can improve spells after hero's level and spell power(for instance: Evil Towns can improve curse(this spell will reduce damage and health by 1% of hero's level);
5. Castle will have main spell water and second air, Rampart will have water and second earth, Tower will have main air and second water, Necropolis will have main earth and second fire, Inferno will have main fire and second earth, Dungeon will have main earth and second fire, Conflux will have from all and special summons...
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Postby Supreme Archangel » Feb 25 2008, 10:18

Anyone reup to another host pls, I can't download from the link above, after waiting 40 seconds and press download button --> the site report something like Database error :( :(


Postby BAD23ro » Feb 25 2008, 15:33

Is because of the host, but should work in a few hours...

If still will be problems, I'll update the link using another host.


Postby BAD23ro » Mar 3 2008, 10:52

My plan is that not all parts of this script will be released in 3.58
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Postby ByteBandit » Mar 5 2008, 3:48

I always believed that the Castle should've generated the proper Resource needed for ArchAngels rather than just Wood and Ore. Same for the Fortress, Stronghold and Necropolis. May be the only "little" thing that's lame about the original H3/SoD. Better for that to be lame than the gameplay any day.


Postby BAD23ro » Mar 5 2008, 8:23


Yes, that's true :)


Postby BAD23ro » Mar 5 2008, 8:23

Fixed the link and upload it on 1st page.


Postby BAD23ro » Mar 16 2008, 23:00

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Postby Muszka » Mar 17 2008, 14:45

It seems great.
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Postby Pol » Oct 26 2010, 18:45

Thread closed, as per request of thread founder.

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