How can SorceryII enhance the damage of spell?

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How can SorceryII enhance the damage of spell?

Postby pansz » Jun 13 2007, 10:55

it is said to be in script48.erm, but I got no idea,

the only places I found is that sorcery skill level set to -3 -2 -1 instead of 1 2 3, but how does it increase spell damage by 10%, 20%, 30%? where is the code?

Another question, in a town screen when I move my mouse over different buildings there will be hint text saids which monsters can be recruit here. Is is possible to change the text? also is it possible to change the hint text in the build screen(i.e. when clicked the town, the screen pop-up to let me build new buildings)?

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Postby Sodanlaulu » Apr 14 2014, 23:26

This might be a necro, but I have exactly the same question. I have a custom script that enhances elemental damage by certain hero types (e.g. witches get +30% ice damage) but it seems to interfere with the Sorcery script. I need to know how it increases damage so I can make it compatible with mine.


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