Ode to Your Favorite Towns

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Ode to Your Favorite Towns

Postby Nucleon » Jan 19 2006, 21:56

Hi all. With this thread, Nucleon whishes to give hommage to the various factions in the Wake of Gods. Please write here which town(s) is/are your favorite(s), why, and how do you play them. Nucleon is eager to hear your tactics if you are playing, say, Dungeon and Stronghold, two towns He does not play too well Himself.

Nucleon's favorite town overall is the Rampart, but the one He especially likes to play is Inferno.

Yes, difficult Inferno, with its lone shooter and late-coming flyers. It is a challenging town, with polyvalent heroes, none of them being flashy or particularly effective.

Nucleon likes the ambiance, the town's look and music. He also likes the inherent strategy that this faction demands, as well as the spells they got. Truly, Inferno is a faction with a great personality.

Imps and familiars are now able to fly if troop experience is enabled; That is good, because they can go directly to the ennemy, who will gleefully hack them to pieces so your Pit Lords can ressurect them into Demons, the backbone of this army. If they don't die fast enough, have your Magogs help them with their fireballs. Also, make sure you wait the first turn with your Efreets and Devils so you can make like 4 consecutive attacks (two without retaliations) with them at the start of the new turn. Truly, the Infernals can be the deadliest of them all.

As for Heroes, even thought He generally likes Might heroes better, Nucleon chooses an Heretic as His main Hero, Zydar, which He specialize in fire magic. This helps the Infernal with some much-needed ranged attacks. Few magician can be as powerful a caster than Zydar.

But what really rekindled Nucleon's passion for the Infernals is their assignated Commander, the Succubus, who adds a welcomed social side the the Infernals by "stealing" ennemies.

Skill that Nucleon favours with this town are Ballistics and Sorcery.

What about yours, Mortals?

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Postby beastmaster » Apr 5 2007, 14:13

I like dungeon,mostley,but other towns are great,too.Look!
Dungeon-the best :tsup:
Rampart-better :-D
Conflux-i like it ;)
Necropolis-good :)
Fortress-still thinking :|
Stronghold-i don't like it so much :sceptic:
Inferno-bad :gun:
Tower-worse :mad:
Castle-the worst :tsdown:
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Postby doom3d » Apr 5 2007, 17:12

I like to play with Tower. I can have 80-100 (with ext. dwelling) shooter on day one. I often choose Neela as main hero, and give her earth+air+water+wisdom.
I happily pick up Orrin or Kyrre, whenever they are avalaible in Tavern.
(Kyrre starts with log. +archery)
I clean up neutrals with mass slow+ master gremlins.
Magic heroes also need might skills, so I almost always enable "heroes have more skills"/Unlimited Skills.
Deemer is also a good choice. High probability to have exp. earth very soon with mass slow+ meteor shower for 10 mana (earth+ mages).
I always give Temple Guardian to main hero. 90% mana reloding is almost a cheat. :D
And I have some scripts to improve the magic side, avalaible at my homepage.

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Postby tekeeee » Apr 11 2007, 18:32

Rampart - Love Forests! :-D
Castle - So Perfect! :D
Tower - Nice snow! :)
Inferno - Good Atmosphere I love it! :proud:
Dungeon - Like its mythology!
Fortress - Swampy cool! ;|
Stronghold - Might is Boriinnng
Confulx - While I do like its specialties I feel like it is unbalanced and unfair and poorly thought out, all the other towns should be more like this or this town should be more like the other ones

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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Apr 19 2007, 11:42

And you didn't even mention Necropolis :-D

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Postby Paladin » May 2 2007, 8:44

Castle - Played it exclusively in the beginning. It's easy to identify with humans with aid from the heavens, isn't it?

Rampart - Beautiful landscape and soothing music. I wish I lived there! Only one ranged unit makes this town bad for my playing style.

Tower - My favourite; lots of ranged and magic. Titans rule! :hail:

Inferno - A very weak town, with few fliers and shooters. Like the red hot evil theme, though! :devil:

Necropolis - Rarely play it (I don't really like necromancy), but it has some cool creatures.

Dungeon - Has the best special buildings and the superb Black Dragon!

Stronghold - Too weak on ranged and defence. :tsdown:

Fortress - A really quick build-up makes the gameplay exciting. :tsup:

Conflux - My runner-up. I just love the extreme focus on magic, the elementals and the Magic University. A bit over-powered, though. :oex:

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Postby Tessera » May 20 2007, 20:49

Necropolis, Castle, and Stronghold, in that order.

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Postby Le_Faucheur » May 22 2007, 0:14

inferno :tsup: weak in the early game, but at the end you have a fast army, and no retaliation with devils and cerberi!

dungeon :-D 2 nice ranged units, the very powerful minotaur and the almighty black dragon! manticores and harpy are a bit weak.

rampart :) lots of nice units, centaurs are strong level 1, elves are deadly shooters, pegasus fast attacker, dendroids good defenders... but the dragons are a bit hard to get.

necropolis : the units have good special abilities. ghost dragons are too weak.

stronghold : stong army, but a bit slow. orcs are really weak but cyclops are quite good! ogre and rocks are pretty amazing.

fortress : this faction has some very powerful ability, but is a bit slow. most of the units are pretty impressive but the lizardmen are weak, and wyverns die quickly.

tower : it has very strong units, and especially strong shooters, but the army is slow and costs a lots of gold.

castle : this army is too powerful, mainly because of the overpowered archangel, also humans are boring.

conflux : very unbalanced faction, and having like 4 levels 4 is kinda weird.

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Postby EDN » Jul 1 2007, 10:36

1. Tower (3 shooters and 2 flyers)
2. Rampart (1 shooter, 2 flyers, 1 magic resistance)
3. Fortress (1 shooter, 2 flyers, 1 attack all around creature)
4. Dungeon (2 shooters, 3 flyers)
5. Inferno (1 shooter, 1 flyer, 1 teleporter)
6. Castle (2 shooters, 2 flyers)
7. Stronghold (2 shooters, 1 flyer)
8. Necropolis (1 shooter, 3 flyers)
9. Conflux (2 shooters, 4 flyers, hate it because it is unbalanced as hell...)

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Postby ByteBandit » Jul 30 2007, 3:07

With WoG, these are my favorite towns to play, in order and why:

1. Fortress - Because when I option Henchmen, I use the Beserker Fly
2. Castle - War Zealots become my Henchmen
3. Necropolis - Liches are my Henchmen and Mummies are nice to have
4. Tower - Mainly for the opportunity to gain more spells
5. Rampart - Diamond Dragons are great Henchmen/Henchdragons
6. Conflux - I never option for Neutral creatures, I use the originals
7. Dungeon - Probably the true most balanced town all around
8. Inferno - Even with all the options and all the stuff done for it through ERM, it's still weak.
9. Stronghold - Not enough levels in the Mage Guild for me.

Though I favor Magic over Might, ironically, I like the Fortress. Beserker Flies are menacing, but with the new script by Fnord, they only cast Beserk only 25 per cent of the time now. This is much better than all the time as they did in the past. Of course, the changed script is included with the updated scripts.

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