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Postby darkpriest » Apr 27 2007, 22:11

hi i'm having trouble with the mod and hope that someone can shed a light on this. I read in the bug list and i don't think that anyone else have mentioned it or if i have not seen it sorry for double posting. I run the game and play a scenario for about 3 hours or so and then the game frezzes. I play my turn and when i click on end turn button the other are playing and then it happens, it crashes to desktop and that's it. I have tried saving and reloading the day before and it still crushes. BTW i have good pc i could run HOMM5 just bearly but i don't think that is it. If anyone knows anything about this e.g. what can be done how can i fix this just write pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
it's very annoying
thx in advance

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Postby Pol » Apr 28 2007, 8:14

Do you have all updates installed, here were scripts update "recently". Try to looka that page.

And as for the recovering of your current game, try to load it like multiplayer hotseat, passing the turn, save it and again open just like singleplayer.

I assume that you have H3Complete or at least fully patched SoD.

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Postby InsaneWallaby » May 1 2007, 4:27

I have noticed rare freeze bugs due to the AI in WoG, particularly during multiplayer. I do not know what it is, but my guess is that the AI addons were potentially hard on the preexisting AI due to all the extra various stuff in the game. Also, I'm sure the addons were difficult to incorporate into Heroes 3 due to lack of code accessibility, so I wouldn't be too surprised if the AI job done isn't your "squeaky-clean" absolutely perfect algorithm, either. I find that it happens on average about once every month on larger maps after about month three or so. My remedy is to save it at least once per week. The problem comes when the AI hits a point with a hero where it says, "$%^! Where do I go, the treasure stash x spaces away, the lighthouse y spaces away, or the creature den z spaces away?" To fix this, reload that game. With a week's worth of time and the game being late (as in you or some other human player can likely reach that rogue AI hero causing the problem), more than likely you can do something minor to the AI player causing the problem, which in turn makes that nasty bugged hero do something else and avoid the deadlock situation.

Last, most of the time the game merely freezes, but I have noticed some CTD's associated on extremely rare occasions with AI heroes visiting certain locations. Don't ask me why. Unless fixed in 3.59, I also know that creature banks (like imp caches and dwarved banks and the lot) can cause problems in multiplayer. Merely autocalc the battle to solve this issue. It may be a bit bloodier on your troops, but at least you're still playing.

Perhaps some of these crashes may shed some light for you. Anyways, good luck.

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