Your WoG settings? (Options files included)

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Your WoG settings? (Options files included)

Postby Pol » Dec 27 2006, 13:03

Hello, because poll options allows to lay only one question this one will be going without it.

Time to discuss things wich matter - most usefull wog settings, best to compatibility and experience. Well, for me, I'm going pretty conservative, so disabling all Experince Script related options and autoreplacing objects through the wogification. Rest is tunned up to grab the best from the mod while nor risking rendering the scenario unplayable. Settings are here
(Scroll down and whistle one or two tunes meanwhile.)

What are yours? & did you find some better uploading possibility? Let exchange :D
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Postby ByteBandit » Dec 28 2006, 3:24

I like using all the "Enhanced" features available myself. To quote Bon Scott from AC/DC "I Overdosed on You." Yeah. I don't use so much the older options such as double Artifacts and twice the movement, Rogues popping up now and then, etc. I definitely use the stack experience. I never ban any spells on XL maps. I never ban artifacts either. All this when I play against the AI.

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Postby mr.hackcrag » Dec 28 2006, 14:57

I use mostly skill options, rather than game options. Here are the main ones that I use:

I like to use stack experience, but sometimes, my army becomes too strong because of it and the game is not as challenging. No warlords banner either.

I used to use commanders, but I don't anymore because I made a few commander creatures as normal ones. Unfortunately, those commander creatures don't fully function as normal creatures and it drives me crazy. :( :mad:

I use accumulating dwellings and mithril to upgrade creature dwellings. Mithril is also great for defending your castle with magic ground. :D

I use rebalanced hero abilites, pierce shot, and about 80% of the skill enhancements.

I've just started using advanced witch huts.

The only artifact option I use is the cards of prophecy.

I use about half of the object replacements to add some more variety to the adventure map.

I don't ban anything or have map rules.

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Postby BoardGuest808888 » Jan 5 2007, 10:42

Well, I almost always used WOG options for random maps, so I don't have to worry about them meshed with scenario objectives.

To add more spice to the game, I used both Commander and Henchman options (sometimes with hilarious results :-D )

I also used 'enhanced creatures' option and reduce er... I mean balancing Conflux Phoenix growth.

I also used stack experience options, and weekly 'creature of the week' (including all options related to it). But there's never a week of mithril it seems B-)

I don't ban any artifacts and spells unless the said ones aren't relevant to the map (like a Summon Boat in map without water).

I used almost all skill enhancement unless it is related directly to experience gained (rather cheating it seems). Including almost all options regarding war machine enhancement (note : some of them can make the game crash sometimes -I suspect it is the 'enhanced war machine I' option-). Note : it's rather a nice thing when a Hell Baron joined you because you got Advanced Scouting :-D

I used 'advanced witch hut' but not other building enhancement options because they have chance to get too much unbalancing, like free Dimension Door at obelisk, and well.., a Grail from fishing well.

I used most building replacements, but not those directly interfering with adventure map like Mirror of Home Way, Summoning Circle, Artifact Junk, Skull Eye, and random gates.

For rebalancing options, I used 'enhanced heroes' one. I used to use 'rebalancing heroes' but I felt it is still not balanced enough (yeah, so it isn't Gunnar forever anymore :D ). I also used 'enhanced artifact' option ('Artifact Boost' option is rather too powerful).

I no longer use options regarding to time-related things like growing creature banks, creature guards, or creature dwellings. In a random XL maps, chance is that something can go terribly wrong with those things (like an unexpectedly large armies without proportional towns).

The only map rule I used is the one that gives '10 secondary skill' instead of 8.

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Postby doom3d » Jan 24 2007, 20:33


I am using one half of the options. Message disabling, experience related,
Commanders, Henchmen, object replacements, most of the skill boost.
For exemple, enhanced mysticism together with my Shamanic Running option make heroes faster, then Gunnar ever was. ;) I also use unlimited hero skills,
and try to find out a way to add learning possiblities for commanders up to all skills and abilities (around level 70).
I like object replacement except Death Chamber (too powerfull enemy and low prize to win), and some others. Magic mushrooms (?) give to much for novice heroes.. Freelancer's guild: monsters are too slow.. :(
I like to disable Ddoor and Town portal, but enable Mirror of the home way and Shamanic running and fly. It makes the game longer against the AI, but not too long. My preferred wog options for the next offline tournament are included in my wog mod b9 package. (it is similar to my preferred options :D )
You can acces it at ("letöltések" menu)

Best Regards,


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Postby pansz » Jun 13 2007, 10:49

Typically, I disable (or tune) most features which will spoil the balance between AI and human player.

take stack-experience for example: human players will deliberately train the stack to gain experience, while AI does not know about the stack experience and will not use that strategy at all —— so all I had done is to write a script to assign ALL monsters in battleground to Ace level, both AI and human. All creatures are Ace level and it is fair enough.

another example is commander-artifacts, which will gain experience on win-battle, human players can fight weak monsters and win 50 fights before fight AI heroes, AI does not know that at all, so I banned commander-artifacts.

For "henchman", AI will never know about the henchman, and have no idea how strong a henchman can be, so it will attack a human player when human player has a very powerful and strong henchman.

I found more than dozens of "enhancement" which benefits human players only, but AI players does not know them at all and do not change the strategy. —— unless the AI are trained for the new "enhancement" I'd rather disable those enhancement. We want a fair game!

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Postby Zamolxis » Dec 2 2007, 18:54

Hmm... I'm using quite a lot of them.

Game Enhancements:
- Enhanced dwelling hint text
- Towns/heroes may be renamed
- Buy All Creatures button
- Transfer all resources & Resource trading post
- Display Hidden Skills
- Display hero Movement / Spell Points remaining
- Custom Alliances (though I rarely use it)
- Abbreviated Skill Descriptions
- Hero and Town list reordering
- Warlord's Banner Quick-select options
- Quick Combat battle options

Hard-Coded options:
- L8 dwellings function as normal
- Arrow Towers gain experience
- Leave troops/artefacts by right-clicking on adventure map
- Troops left will rejoin their owner
- Commanders are enabled
- Creature Dwellings accumulate creatures/guards
- Sylver Centaur creation is allowed
- Troop stacks gain experience

Map Options:
- Cartographers replaced by Covers of Darkness
- Most Dragon Fly Hives replaced
- Some chests contain more gold
- Some dwellings have upgraded creatures
- Some monsters are replaced by WoG monsters
- Some L3 monsters are replaced by Ghosts
- Patches of special terrain may be added
- First money
- Enable extension heroes

Map Enhancements:
- Week of monsters
- Resource weeks produce resource piles
- Monster weeks spawn wandering monsters
- Refugee Camps match monster week
- Mithril Enhancements / Display / Res. stack replacements
- Windmills & Mystical Gardens may give mythril
- Universal Creature Upgrades
- Extended Creature Upgrades

- Masters of Life
- Transfer Owner
- Monolith Toll
- (sometimes) Neutral Town: love the idea and most creatures, but hate what they did to Rust Dragons. They should have used the Faerie Dragon
- New Battlefields
- Castle upgrading
- Creature relationships
- Karmic battles & Battle extender

- Rewritable signs
- Split decission
- Random hero
- Loan bank
- Allow building twice per day in town
- Select neutral town times (to rule out Inferno because of its endless "week of imp" which makes things pretty boring)
- Neutral units bonuses, stack size & experience
- Neutral town & creature bank growth

Hero Enhancements & Balancing:
- Hero Specialization Boost
- Reballanced Hero Abilities & Starting Armies
- Choose commander class
- Enhanced commanders
- Enhanced protection from the Elements
- Enhanced War Machines (all 3 are interesting, I prefer the 2nd though)
- Henchmen
- Summon Elementals

Monster Enhancements & Balancing:
- Rebalanced Creatures
- Reduced Firebird/Phoenix growth
- Berzeker Flies (though they become quite nasty for a L3)
- Enhanced Monsters
- Metamorphs
- Piercing Shot

Skill Enhancements: Almost all! I only disable sometimes Mysticism 2, Resistance 1 & Tactics

Chests & Artifacts:
- New Treasure Chests 1 & 2
- New Artifacts
- Artifact boost
- Spell Book
- Cards of Prophecy (though it not very well implemented, as when all points turn to spell points, it's same as simply loosing them all, so what's the point?)
- Living scrolls
- Enhanced artifacts
- Enhanced Commander artifacts

Enhanced Adventure Objects: All except Commander Sanctuary

New Adventure Objects: All except Shinx & Palace of Dreams

Map Rules:
- Monsters are at half price on 7th day of the week
- All monsters attack twice (annoyingly the feature does not apply to Commanders)
- Monster stacks in hero army grow 4% each day
- Most dwellings also have boars
- Heroes start at 5th level (+5000 experience)
- Heroes have double movement (not on small maps)
- Single visit bonus sites reset each month
- Heroes get 9th-10th skills
- Hero's upgraded L7 monsters become L8
- Heroes gain an artefact each level
- Rogues attack heroes at random
- Towns have grail (only if I'm in the mood for a fast death match)
- Towns have Warlord's Banner in front of them

Spell Banning Options:
- Ban Spells from Spell Shrines, Scholars, Scrolls & Pandora's Boxes, Hero's starting spells
- Ban Scuttle Boat, Visions, View Air, View Earth, Animate Dead, Disguise

Banned (WoG) Artifacts: none. I like them all.
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