Original WOG or VCMI?

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Lord of the Guns
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Original WOG or VCMI?

Postby Lord of the Guns » Mar 1 2013, 17:24

I know boths were made by different teams and it is likely to have different unit, cities, and world object lists. so tell me the differences between the two. and which one of the two is more user (and modder) friendly?

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Postby Warmonger » Mar 3 2013, 16:21

Certainly Celestial Heavens is not modder friendly at all, only promo screenshots keep it alive. I suggets to take a look here.
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Postby Zamolxis » Jun 3 2013, 10:10

A late reply, but just in case someone will have the same question again:

WoG is more than a mod. It's an unofficial add-on combining many mods in one if I can put it like this. It's also the most successful H3 community project, that helped a lot keeping the game alive for many of us. I heartily recommend it if you didn't try it yet.

However there hasn't been a new WoG release for years. In part due to people leaving the team, and in part due to the fact that its reversed engineering kinda reached its limits.

Next to WoG, many other mods were created over the years. Some compatible or even dependent on WoG, some not compatible due to a different approach. And for now you'll find indeed more active discussions on those in the link Warmonger provided.

VCMI is a totally different "animal". :) It's not a mod or an add-on. It's not changing or adding content. It's recreating the original game with new, open source code. What's the benefit? With original H3, modders will always be limited by the fact that they won't have access to the source code, to manipulate it as they want. So often "adding" new content can only be done by removing something else (e.g.: remove Conflux in order to add a "new" town). With VCMI such limitations disappear. But there's still a long way to that. The code is still in development, so joining the project is only interesting if you enjoy testing, bug hunting, etc (as a player! --- there are other things to look forward to if you were a coder, but I take it that's not the case).
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