Multiplayer human vs human problem

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Multiplayer human vs human problem

Postby ThefallenAngel » Jul 29 2011, 14:03

will be very grateful if somebody will help me on this issue.
I have HOMM 3 complete with all expansions, I play together with my husband on 2 different computers and works fine.

We have installed Wog and when we fight on my computer shows what si happening but on his computer no, then we cant move anymore, is his turn but he cant select anything, or is happening to me this problem, at the end on one computer is my turn but but i can not select anything and on his computer shows that i have to move.

Please i love this Wog but somebody can help me on this problem?

Or which scripts to install, or what makes heroes more interesting and works also in multiplayer?

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Postby Salamandre » Jul 29 2011, 22:54

WoG offers an incredible new dimension for custom single maps. But was not tested in multiplayer except a small tourney we started in HC years ago, and which failed after 2-3 games, because the problems you mention... You can try it, but the chances to succeed are low. Anyway, removing the commanders, all buildings giving special abilities (emerald towers) and experience should provide a more stable game. Keep us informed.

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Postby Zuperinho » Aug 21 2014, 19:24

This answer comes kind of late but others may have this issue as well so I reply anyway.

I also encountered the exact same problem in multiplayer during combat.

The issue seems to be caused by the fact that for some reason the units were having different speeds calculated on my computer than on my teammate's.

We figured out that the issue was caused by having a different "base" H3 installation (even thogh we were having the same WOG version). After reinstalling the base H3 the issue got solved.

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