HOMM3: The Succession Wars Mod has been released

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HOMM3: The Succession Wars Mod has been released

Postby Super Goober » May 28 2011, 11:57

mister_kalu of Heroes Community has just released the mod that he was working on. The total conversion mod is available for download here:


Unfortunately, he said that he was unable to continue with the project, due to IRL responsibilities. However, that doesn't *us* from working on it :). I myself am a pretty decent spriter, so if at all possible, I will contribute some of my art.

I think someone needs to be the new leader of the project, but it's not going to be me :P. The mod so far, while it's not 100% complete, I've seen his youtube videos, and a lot of the work has been done already.

When you go to download the mod, keep in mind that you'll be spending a lot of time downloading it. It's huge, comes in 12 parts (upload limit I think), and each part takes 90 seconds to activate (thanks a lot, 4shared >_>).

So, when I get the chance and everything's been downloaded, I may put it in a single 7z folder and upload it somewhere else.

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Postby Iluvatar » May 30 2011, 19:11

I'll probably get it all today. What is the legal state of that? I mean - how officially can we share it?

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