How to change weekly growth rate of neutral stacks ?

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How to change weekly growth rate of neutral stacks ?

Postby bonecollector » Dec 6 2009, 3:31

Topic says it all kinda. How to change the growthrate / growthrate function of neutral stacks (on random maps) ?

Alrdy checked the 57 script, but sadly it only adjusts a static number to neutral stacks at start. And my erm skills are like non existent yet. Since i like to play large random maps i rather like to keep the stacksizes at beginning of the game as it is but have (much) bigger stacks after game continued (eg at end of 2. month).
Something like a free definable growh-function that starts slowly but raises non linear.

As i understand it, it needs a script that not done by post instruction trigger but runs always after the normal growth of stacks is done

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