some question about the "New Specializations" hero

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some question about the "New Specializations" hero

Postby bonecollector » Nov 12 2009, 12:15

Hi there,

dunno if its a bug or not, when i choose either jeddite or nagash as starting hero they get their proper spec icon (builder and veil) and proper description.

recently in a game, when i recruited jeddite form a tavern, he got the animate dead icon as specialization + the animate dead spell in the spellbook, but the description for the specialization was the one for town builder. (that happened to me some time ago for nagash as well)
(could supply a save game + the .dat)

2. i havent found any wog option to disable those new specializations. Is it possible to get the original specs for those 2 heroes back ?

thx in advance

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Postby ByteBandit » Nov 12 2009, 19:35

Slava hard coded those specializations in WoG. The only way I could think of disabling them, might be through ERM.

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