King's Bounty Crossroad (Walkthrough & Other Links)

Everything related to either original King's Bounty from NWC or to any of it's ascendants being developed by 1CEntertainment.
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King's Bounty Crossroad (Walkthrough & Other Links)

Postby Pol » Feb 12 2011, 12:47

As we yet are not maintaining a proper page about KB, it looks rather sketchy. I'm putting some more info in here.

King's Bounty: The Legend Walkthrough: King's Bounty: Armored Princess Walkthrough: More Wallpapers, more and even more. Plus the original.

Official Forums: Game Requirements:
  • Link to official KB:AB page
    Note: The game was successfully played on Pentium E5400 2,7GHz and ATI HD4350 albeit it feels a tad bit slow. You also need to position the camera from above.
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Postby parcaleste » Aug 3 2011, 13:04

Errr... he-he-he... a little strange question here... because I lost all of my saves and I was messing around with cheats and etc. and I can't figure out how to add me self an artifact that i want in the cheat mode. I remember there was a list the artifacts names (not in game but in, you know, the data fond (or whatever)). Anyone having idea/remembers how was this trick working?

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