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Era of Chaos - Game Info

Unread postby Pol » 19 Jan 2020, 20:09

Might and Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

**Release Info:**
Publisher: Ubisoft, backed by Tencent
Developer: Durpalm, Playcrab
Released: 2017 for China, then New Zealand, Philippenes and at 25 November 2019 have been finally released Worldwide. All version are different, being customized for local audience.
Platform: Android &iOS (Mobile only)
Can be linked with: Google, FB, Apple
Homepage: ... -of-chaos/
Music: Reusing classic music from Heroes III. and some others.
Installed game size: Android have around 2GB
Other Info Sources: Skylynx Gaming, Tbone videos, Wiki on GitHub, Era of Chaos - Wiki at, EoC - Reddit, Sir Kayn

Report bugs:
The bugs are being reported to Discord, use Discord link from the game. IN "report-bugs-here" thread. You start with .bug command and the bot will ask you step by step. This is described in the thread above "how-to-report-bugs".

Report text bugs:
There is form for them.

**Game Info:**
Factions: Heaven, Inferno, Stronghold, Tower, Rampart, Necropolis, Conflux for now. Fortress and Dungeon were spotted already.
This is all-round game. Main part is to following campaign, however after while you need to advance a few levels between each scenario. So your are given some spare time to build up your army and heroes. And peek up heroes lore.

The online part is strong, the RPG part is definitively lighter.

You are supreme general and resource manager of your units. So it's your fate to ensure that they are maxed up, you have powerful artifact and you can build the best formation for any ongoing battle. And that's what about that is. Formations + AutoCombat + Use up all chances

There are five type of units:
Attacker - actively goes for Defenders to reduce their defense
Defender - defend, very usable to protect your ranged or casting units
Ranged - shooting from great distance, the most powerful are Air Elementals and Titans
Caster - assist in spell casting, also shooters
Cavalry - ignore defenders or attackers and aims to ranged and caster units

The units are also sorted as R, SR and SSR, which is equivalent to Heroes 3 levels 1-2, 3-6 and 7.
  • You can have each unit or hero only once. The same limitation doesn't apply for AI or Duel of Heroes.
  • You can get units from scenarios or from summoning, however most often you will get just tokens. You can use first batch to assemble your unit and all additional for evolving it. This is strongest factor to upgrade.
  • Your level is based on the overall score of your formation. Therefore if you upgrade just these 8 units and leading hero, you advance faster. But lose all versatility. However each experience battle counts directly, when you get it.
  • Devil is a crucial unit for looting Dwarven Treasury.
  • Strom Elemental is a key unit for ransacking Crypt. As it's the fastest ranged unit.
  • Game is divided to several mods. And in playing style keeps no similarity to the Heroes III., which are referred as cannon.
  • Ubisoft applied Full-Namelogy, ie 90% of names are from Heroes III but it's only about similarity.
  • Barracks allows you to buy tokens from materials harvested in your shipyards.
  • Trials of Angels provides you will skill potions.
  • Dwarven Treasurey with gold
  • Crypt with experience
  • Duel of Champions with "drops" for buying artifacts
  • Arena with diamonds
  • Apart from Underground, where each battle cost twice the speed and campaign, there's also Guild map.
  • On guild map you can explore freely, everything works in a week cycles. So even artifacts here are only for one week.
  • Boss monsters are meant to be beaten by a whole guild. Reward here is for everyone.
  • In Underground here you can sit on some diamonds.
  • Don't forget missions, Quartermaster is very helpful - daily adds speed and selected resources (tokens, resources, )
  • So far max campaign is 24 and no maps for treasure hunting were released.
  • There's also In-Castle campaign, which can be quickwalked.
  • Each day you should start with free summoning in Altair (Silver+Gold), free Astrologer and SignIn Tab. There may be additional free actions, take a look!
  • In Guild there are many great things which you can get for free and in which you should invest. L9 provides you with Yog in your shop.
And important part of the game is autocombat (AC). You will rely on it very often, most likely with exception of fighting other players on the Guild Map or special Matches everywhere. Units have variety of abilities and synergies, which works best together but also can be countered. In some modes you are however blind or half blind to see enemy army before the combat.

  • There's nothing like a Grand Vizieer which could do upgrades for you, so be prepared for a lot of clicking. - They added "Steward" left up.
  • Autocombat AI have some serious flaws inbuild, where it does focus wrong units or use wrong spells. Cannot be scripted and you will be using it a lot. Why? Because annoying spell casting nag screen. When your opponent cast spell, there's nag screen which forbids you to cast your own spell. Depending on the spell, they have some delay before they are casted. So it could been, that you cast spell and your target walk off. This affect AI as well. But nag screen not. Basically in all modes which are speeded up you are recommended to use AC, only the rest is for you to enjoy.

    Not only that. Where units move is driven by their intention, so apart making your own formation you cannot do anything for it. There you often see it as battle of bots. Where both sides have some healer, attacker, defender. Just defender clash, attackers add to it. And healers heal. No one is going to focus it, if you didn't place your cavalery to be free. This makes some units more problematical than others to deal with, like Angel, Devil, Genius, Demons. That seems like current top, which is very strong so any error in focusing them as your target can cost a battle.
  • Community is good and cheerful, created from old Heroes players and new explorers. Official channel is Discord and FB, watching them can provide some advantage. Community moderators are CM-Evelyn and AmandaPanda.
**Modes (daily)**
Duel of Champions - fight players on your server, random power match, you can cast spell yourself but cannot slow the game progress. Rewards is gold, diamonds and hero tokens. There's also "Assisting Hero" so you can try him/her without owning it. All heroes here are fully developed, 4s and spells at level 15. Expert Skills. Part of reward is per combat, and you will get it always win or loose. Important part of it is Artifact Essence.

Arena - choose your player to fight, with a score around you. Reward is per achieved rank - diamonds. And per combat being it Roc, Whight, Arena Coins or Keys. You can tip.

- fight for experience and tomes

Dwarven Treasure - fight for gold and resources

Dragon Utopia - fight for skill runestones

Campaign - fight for artifacts, campaign coins and 'heaven stones'.

**Guild **
Archery Expert - Max 3 boss battles possible per day, after each there's some short time for unlimited shooting. For each you need arrows. You will pick the reward by clicking at chests, in bottom left.
Boss Battle
  • You start to shoot when top bar appears, no before
  • You are aiming at tentacles, when you can hit two at once. Your object is to get all hits marked like "Unbelievable". Check your score in right part of the screen.
  • Even when Boss Head appears it's more savy to continue to hit tentacles
  • Use your guild technology to get more arrows and better damage.
Free movement on Guild Map, at this mmt just snowy with limited number of object, quests, resources and creatures. Another design, looking like Pirate Bay, was added. Also Harpy Dweeling.

Underground - each chapter has one accompanying it in the underground, fighting here cost twice as much of time
Chapters - There are traditional campaigns like from H3 era. But simplified in traditional ubilish.
Azure Dragon Fight - for some extra resources and possibility to upg. your artifacts
Battle of Steadwick - ?
Conflux Plane - battle conflux plane lords
Shipyard - to get resources for your Barracks (and produce unit tokens here) and skill runestones.
  • For island battle you might need to roll out a few times to get best reward and defeatable opponent. Caution! Power of opponent and reward are not linked. You need to pick weak opponents with high reward, not opposite.
  • Each island is dedicated for one faction. Mining times are 2-8h, if you have scrolls for helping others, you can optimize over night to end on longer shifts. If you don't havy any faction full, like Dungeon, start with this island as a last. (4 faction units + any hero are required)

To Be Continued..
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