Unit Splash Screens by Factions

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Unit Splash Screens by Factions

Postby Panda Tar » Jan 14 2020, 0:41

This is a list of units classified by factions which their respective splash screens. Yes, tits, tits everywhere. But Stronghold – sort of surprised they didn't make ogre into an ogre shamaness with tits so big they would have moons around it.


P.S.: I still don't own an angel, so I couldn't use the same sort of splash screen there.
Known upgrade: Swordsman to Iron Crusader through hero Catherine.


P.S.: missing Lich and Black Knight.
Known upgrade: Black Knight to Death Knight through hero Lord Haart.


P.S.: missing Behemoth.
Known upgrade: Roc to Stormbringer through hero Shiva


P.S.: missing Earth Elemental and Psychic Elemental.
Known upgrade: Psychic Elemental to Magic Elemental through hero Monere
Firebird has some power added through hero Luna
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Re: Unit Splash Screens by Factions

Postby BB Shockwave » Jan 19 2020, 0:28

Thanks! Saves me the effort to take the screencaps!
And LOL indeed, I guess they realized a "Death By Snu-Snu" Ogress would not appeal to their target audience.
Honestly I expect Gnolls and Lizardmen will be R63ed too to be anime style sexy human girls with dog ears and lizard tails, LOL.
Btw, Stronghold looks so... same-y. HOMMIII used different hair, armor and skin color for the Goblins, Orcs and Ogres, here they all look interchangeable.
And I noticed they listed the HOMMII Pikeman as if he was from M&MIV... And oddly listed the M&MVIII Roc before the HOMMIII Roc, despite that game coming after the Heroes game.

By the way, I have a screencap of the Angel and Wood Elf evolution (who indeed, grew boobs :wall: ).
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