Might & Magic Dynasty is no more

For all games not only from Ubisoft stable, which are better less than more different from previous series.
Like alike Era of Chaos (MMHEOC), Elemental Guardians (MMEG). Creature Quest (CQ), King's Bounty or Palm Heroes also sorts here. PostMM era. And all a new Songs of Conquest. Not limited to mobile games.
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Might & Magic Dynasty is no more

Unread postby Blake » 30 Jun 2022, 15:44

I'm not a big fan of online gaming and espcially not broswer/mobile games with loot boxes and stuff etc.. However I was always tempted to have a go at Dynasty as it actually seemed more like a regular HoMM game then Ubisofts other mobile games. I also liked how your castle had soldiers and creatures marching around the city as I've been calling for that since they stopped doing that after HoMM1 lol!


Anyway it's never been available in my country so I had to use a Android emulator and downloading it via the tap tap android store within the emulator to get the game. It worked and started up.. until it got stuck on the loading screen failing to connect to the server with a network error message saying "unable to obtain server version number" with no option to skip and play offline. I figured it was just one of the many issues that can come up when one tries to play a online mobile game via an emulator lol. However others had said it worked perfectly this way so I went digging. A google search seemed to net nothing which means if the game died, then no one cared, which was probably why it died lol, and sure enough when I loaded the official facebook page I found their shutdown notice from December 2021. I'm 6 months too late lol. This is exactly why I almost never play online games. You own nothing and it all gets lost forever!

https://www.facebook.com/MightandMagicD ... RjndNuGETl

As someone who's big on collecting old games and preserving rare content it makes a bit sad that this imperfect but interesting HoMM spinoff is now lost forever! Plus it's effectively the last Ubi HoMM game made I think. Feels like the real end of it all now...

Thankfully there are let's plays out there and I've been watching this nice HD one. It looks like he finishes the story I think so I guess that's the only way I and anyone else will ever get to see it now!

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... ZZsF0SDQfu

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