Market Place Concept

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Market Place Concept

Postby Panda Tar » Mar 21 2019, 20:13

Squee! (it means Good day to you all and I wanna hug you and squash you and cuddle you and smooch you in a very fluffy way in Pandaish :panda: )

So, people, what are your ideas on how a Market Place should work in CQ?

Some thoughts:
  • The minimum requirement from members to able to interact with Market Place is 30 day membership. Or, if better, only by approval of the Leader and Co-leader. Market Place can only be built if the Guild has, at least 10 members
  • Any member who uses the market place cannot leave or be kicked from the guild until 7 days have passed. If members are regular donators or users of the Market Place and get kicked together (2 or more), the Market Place is automatically frozen for a month
  • Market Place should be a Guild Structure, in which members could help build levels to improve the Market by donating resources. No diamonds involved
  • Members can place resources they are willing to trade in the market and choose which resource they want to trade in return. They can also place resources without trading anything in return, in favor to help weaker members
  • When the market place level rises, convertion taxes get lower for these trades, and more types of resources are allowed to be traded. The warehouse also gets bigger increasing the maximum amount of resources that can be placed to trade
  • Resources placed to be sold at the market cannot be withdrawn, even if a cooperating member leaves the guild. They are stacked together
  • Resources that are placed at the Market Place don't expire. Only if the guild is disbanded
  • Last levels of the Market Place would allow trading rarer resources, ankhs and essences
  • The last level of Market Place unlocks the Black Market tent, where you can offer a number of resources and something random is given in return. Creatures can be offered and will provide back essences of same color, gems, or nothing! Diamonds can be offered for higher effects, but can also have nothing in return. It's a gamble of sorts
  • No creatures can be bought, at first thought
  • During a color day (the similar of the Genies Quests colors scheme), resources of that ilk have a small discount. On Sunday, when all colors are available, the non coloured resources, such as wood, ore, sulfur etc., get a discount
  • Diamonds cannot be traded, but can be used to buy resources – at a respectable rate
  • After finishing to build a Market Place level, all cooperating members get a reward. The reward gets better as the market place level goes higher
  • A member can send the daily caravan to the market place for a diamond fee, intead of wasting tickets to get them to hisself. The resources will then be added to their respective stacks in the market place
  • Some achievements related to it, of course :-D
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Re: Market Place Concept

Postby Pol » Apr 1 2019, 14:28

Hmm, it should been simpler. There's also huge risk of trafficking members.

Then, there you should have two markets. First would be classical resource market. Give this to get that. Perhaps with some week offer. And then Guild Market, the second would be much harder to define. As Guilds are still a relatively incomplete concept.
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Re: Market Place Concept

Postby wimfrits » Apr 2 2019, 11:06

Concept seems good. I'd opt for only the Guild member interaction marketplace to encourage the community aspect.

Black market... not sure. We already have the lady in the lake for gambling purposes.
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