Guild Wars Feature Request Thread

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Re: Guild Wars Feature Request Thread

Postby Pol » Oct 10 2018, 22:13

That and I would add a player's personal flag on the home screen. At least on the old homescreen there was a lot of space, on a new one there's only right bottom corner, when you give out 10 codes. This is not a best position.
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Re: Guild Wars Feature Request Thread

Postby Galaad » Oct 12 2018, 7:14

Panda Tar wrote: the max STR an army can reach is what, 240K?


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Re: Guild Wars Feature Request Thread

Postby wimfrits » Oct 12 2018, 7:49

Placing an army might help in getting our defended in order :)
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Re: Guild Wars Feature Request Thread

Postby Panda Tar » Oct 17 2018, 21:29

What about...

A special structure that can be only built and upgraded between wars (i.e. during those 3 days-off). Its primarily function is to randomly neutralize enemy units when they are attacking, in a randomly fashion, also based on %, for a limited time having a cool down time after use. Resources to build it are limited to gold, wood, ore, sulfur and mercury (and their rarer types), where there's a total pool in which any of the guild members can pour in their contribution until completing the required value. Building it or Upgrading it requires a cool down time as well until it can be upgraded again, in a similar way shrines and forts are upgraded. However, the Siege Keep upgrades carry over to other wars. It might have a level cap; 10, for instance. It does not provide Prestige income or bonuses. Attacking enemy forces cannot see if the Keep is activated or not, only if they noticed the decreased effects in their attacks, if prompted.

To activate the Keep Defense, at least 50% of the members in the guild must check a Ready box, upon which the leader will have the option to Activate it when enough members report in (this is to make the feature something that depends on mutual effort, acknowledgement and compromise, aside the building costs, which is not limited in any way).

Basic Function
Neutralizes enemy fire while activated, allowing to dish out damage and to decrease bonuses granted to enemy attacks

Base Cost
  • LV1: 35 million gold, 10 million wood, 5 million ore, 2 million sulfur, 1 million mercury (cool down: 7 days)
  • LV2: 200% LV1 (cd: 7 days)
  • LV3: 300% LV1, 2.000 2nd rare wood, ore, sulfur and mercury each (cd: 14 days)

Base Effect
  • LV1: 25% chance to block a variable 5-25% total damage from an enemy attack and decreases 25% bonus shards gained by the enemy. Defends castle + 1 chosen building against all attacks for the duration.
  • LV2: 30% chance to block 10-30% total damage, decreases 30% bonus shards gained. Defends castle + 1 chosen building.
  • LV3: 35% chance to block 15-35% total damage, decreases 35% bonus shards gained. Defends castle + 2 chosen buildings. Temporary boost of 5% HP to all defended buildings
  • LV10: 70% chance to block 50-70% total damage, decreases 70% bonus shards gained. Defends castle + 5 chosen buildings. Temporary boost of 25% HP to all defended buildings

Base Duration
  • LV1: 3 hour period, 24h cool down.
  • LV2: 3h30 hour period, 23h cool down.
  • LV3: 4h hour period, 22h cool down.
  • LV10: 8 hour period, 14h cool down.

This is the overall idea, which would require refinement, of course. Thoughts?
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