Bug Reports after patch 1.8

The game Might & Magic: Heroes VII, developed by Limbic Entertainment.

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Bug Reports after patch 1.8

Postby Pol » Apr 14 2016, 20:43

Mighty patch note can be found here.

Please report any bugs you enounter in this topic.
Nothing else in this thread, just bug reports - to make it easy for the devs to read. :-D

At the bottom of your bug report, please add your computer specs:
OS (Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10)
GPU (Best if accompanied by driver version, please mention if you have dual GPU setup)

~Created from cuc's template. Please anyone freely sum up remaining old and newly introduced bugs, for Limbic squashing central. TY
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Re: Bug Reports after patch 1.8

Postby Kalah » Jun 23 2016, 4:54

Found a bug: I got a stack of Pirate Elves in my Dungeon troops (final campaign map), and if they die in combat, the game freezes. The stack of pirates fall, but the game then never moves on to the next.
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Re: Bug Reports after patch 1.8

Postby Slayer of Cliffracers » Jul 18 2016, 20:38

I have encountered a nasty bug with the third haven campaign by which upon defeating one of the heroes sent to deal with Konrad is defeated the game freezes and the AI turn never ends. The bug happens within the first week, there does not appear to be a definite date for it but I have not seen it happen before the 3rd day. As far as I am aware it always reproduces from the same save game, as replaying the battle over and over does not keep the game from freezing.
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Re: Bug Reports after patch 1.8

Postby cjlee » Aug 5 2016, 16:36

I still get that crazy hoofbeats sound effect sometimes when the AI ends a turn with their heroes galloping on the same spot.

Sometimes the battle grid disappears making it very hard to place my troops properly

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