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The game Might & Magic: Heroes VII, developed by Limbic Entertainment.

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Which Sylvan line up do you want?

Poll ended at Sep 25 2014, 14:12

Earth's Perfect Balance
The Strength of the Forest
Sylanna's Fury
Total votes: 16

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Postby Rapier » Oct 7 2014, 17:11

Panda Tar wrote:And the GOD DAMN Fury won. :(

Bye phoenixes, hello sunset goat, dusk sheep.

My only consolation is that there's no emerald knight in this line-up.

I think it would be a perfect line up - if they changed the stag for the unicorn :p
~ Rapier.

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Panda Tar
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Postby Panda Tar » Oct 7 2014, 17:18

And changing the dragon for the phoenix. :D
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Postby Mirez » Oct 7 2014, 21:37

Nah switch the treant with the phoenix and the blade dancer for a treant :D
treants are dendrosexual 0_o

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BB Shockwave
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Postby BB Shockwave » Nov 16 2014, 22:17

The Sylvan never had the Phoenix since HOMMII. IV doesn't count, that was a roasted chicken, not a phoenix. :D

I still say... bring back the Faerie Dragons. They'd make more sense for a Sylvan town, and they are also amazing spell-casting units.

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