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The new Heroes games produced by Ubisoft. Please specify which game you are referring to in your post.

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Postby Angelspit » Oct 1 2008, 15:23

Jolly Joker wrote:In Star Wars the heroes are rebels as well, and they do a lot hit-and-run business.

They steal technology too. That's even part of the gameplay in Star Wars: Empire at War.
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Postby Bahototh » Oct 12 2008, 6:59

Well, this topic is something I can't refuse to comment on;

I don't think there's anything wrong with H&R tactics. They sting when you are subjected, but (as Jolly Joker pointed out) that's why certain troops have names that fit: Stalkers/Assassins.

I'm sure people who fought through Heroes I - V have used it to some degree for finishing a tough end fight. I find it challenging and fun to come up with methods countering it.

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Postby Elvin » Oct 12 2008, 9:40

Another hit&run discussion :D Please, it's lame, uninspired and annoying. You don't need it to win either unless the game gets way too long while in early stages there is no counter and also no risk if you try it, introducing further imbalances. All players in toh can win games with dungeon without using it.

Swift mind + 7 stalkers + slippers + empowered meteor shower = LOL

Now add mentoring in above formula and see what happens with 5-6 kamizaze warlocks. Enemy spends gold on buying army, you spend less gold on buying heroes. Riight :disagree:
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Postby Jolly Joker » Oct 12 2008, 11:47

It's only a question of what defines the "balanced gaming range" in any game. Heroes ALWAYS has been that way that some features were unbalanced depending on the scope of a map - actually I remember maps CENTERED around exploiting an unbalance to create something outstanding.

Now, that's ok for SINGLE player, but definitely not for MULTIplayer, I suppose we agree here.

The thing is now, if you make an MP map you have to have a clear grasp of the range the game as such ill be balanced between two factions.

For example, it is IMMEDIATELY clear for HoMM 5 that once a map becomes too rich in terms of money and resources Haven and Academy will have an advantage, since they can put excess m&r into a direct improvement of their armies,

Hit&Run is eomething not limited to Dungeon, mind you: it's just that Dungeon heroes and Dungeon creatures work best.
The trouble here is, though, that this simply reduces this what I would call "valid map range". MP maps simply shouldn't allow heroes levelling up too much. If maps are geared to max a hero out between levels 15-22 or something like that, and you keep money and resources what I would call in check, this is not a problem, because the Mentoring skill and the money necessary to buy half a dozen heroes is not somthing you can do IN EXCESS then.

So my advice would be this: instead of banning or outlawing all kinds of perfectly valid behaviour map makers should simply made sure to keep their maps in a range that doesn't make those things necessary which needs discipline when you make them.

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