Bug magnetic golem/ignite?

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Bug magnetic golem/ignite?

Postby Baduum » Sep 9 2008, 11:32

Was playing the wizards the other day, and one of my opponents was the fortress. I decided to use magnetic golems to help against aoe spells. As suspected, the AI casted fireball on many stacks, including my golems. The golems was very happy about that, and it ressed some of them who had died from missile fire.

The battle goes on, and on the golems next turn, nine of them or so die from ignite. Is this intended, or a bug? Not gamebreaking i know, but hey. Map was warlords calamity, version 3.1 tote.
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Postby Metathron » Sep 9 2008, 11:35

It seems like a bug to me. I think Ignite should have the opposite effect on magnetic golems and resurrect them.
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Postby blizzardboy » Sep 9 2008, 16:06

Ignite isn't a spell, it's a special ability. That's why it has that "face icon" when you use it instead of opening up a spell book. I would wager a guess that the thanes ability would work on magnetic golems as well.

I think it makes sense. The demons aren't casting a magical spell. They are literally bursting into flames with real fire.
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