Whats your favorite skill?

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Postby yuritch » Apr 16 2008, 12:05

MOW also works with other area spells, such as Mass Decay or Fireball/Meteor Shower. It doesn't work with Arcane Crystal or Summon Hive though, real shame for a Wizard... Another interesting use is casting Acrane Armor on 2 stacks at once.
Also, if you use Magnetic Golems, casting the Mark on them before going into melee can be interesting: any area-effect Destructive spell will be doubled on them thus healing them. So a Fireball, for example, will not only burn the enemy, but also resurrect some Golems, and this will happen twice per cast due to the Mark (Master of Fire hurts here though as it will ruin your Golem's armor). Stone Spikes can be used to good effect with that - it's a first-level spell so no Destructive magic proficiency is needed, and it will cause no bad side effects on the Golems.

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Postby danhvo » Apr 16 2008, 18:47

Wow, all this time I assumed you can mark only an enemy stack, so I never even tried marking my stack. But you're right. The description of this ability doesn't say anything about which stack you can mark. Obviously, I rarely play Academy.

Does it work even if you don't have the expertise to affect the marked target normally (e.g. you don't have Expert Summoning duplicate a tier-7 creature)?

The effect on Fire Traps sounds like a bug.

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Postby parcaleste » Apr 16 2008, 20:37

It's even funnier when you cast several Firewalls and start to run around with the Magnetic ones :D

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Postby yuritch » Apr 17 2008, 6:29

danhvo wrote:Does it work even if you don't have the expertise to affect the marked target normally (e.g. you don't have Expert Summoning duplicate a tier-7 creature)?

AFAIK no, you cannot override rules with the Mark (ie if the spell cannot affect a unit directly, it won't work via the Mark, too). Plus the Mark doesn't allow you to Puppet Master 2 stacks at once, too (or to make 2 phantoms out of 1 stack at once).

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Postby bethrezen » Apr 21 2008, 9:24

I never miss logistic skill...speed is too important even on small maps!

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Postby Slepytchee » Apr 25 2008, 14:18

I agree with logistics, mainly on large mas...

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Postby blizzardboy » Jun 11 2008, 18:40

1) Retributive Strike. Just kidding. This skill sucks. Moving on.

1) Divine Guidance. It is an incredibly useful skill early on for fighting monsters, and it continues to be good up until the final confrontation with your opponent. I'm addicted to it.

2) Dark Revelation. If you don't like your options, but this available, you can always pick it for a second chance. Gives you a free level and allows you take take whatever is available for the next level. It's like having a free visit to a tree.

3) Luck of the Barbarian. +5% magic prof per point of luck is awesome. Assuming you have expert luck, it's like having magic resistance twice, and can further go up to +25%.

4) Retribution. Self-explanatory.

5) Pathfinding. On any map with a significant amount of rough terrain, this is a must.

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Postby Lord Lakely » Jul 4 2008, 18:42

Favourite Skills

1) Luck
2) Light Magic
3) Dark Magic
4) War Machines
5) Enlightement

Favourite Perks

1) Warlock's Luck
2) Tripple Ballista
3) Empathy
4) Elven Luck
5) Imbue Ballista
6) Refined Mana
7) Fiery Wrath
8) Mana Burst
9) Preparation
10) Distract

Favourite Ultimate
1) Arcane Omniscience
2) Nature's Luck
3) Absolute Rage

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Postby Asheera » Jul 6 2008, 14:01

My favorite (and most powerful?) skill/perk is Retribution. The damage bonus it gives (when having high morale) easily outshines even Archery (which increases only the Ranged damage, unlike Retribution which increases both melee and ranged damage)

With 5 Morale (not to mention it can go above), you already have +25% extra damage! That's just almost as Expert Defense (which affects only melee strikes and requires 3 skill points)

As for magic-oriented heroes, I think Empathy is pretty useful too.
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